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Good morning Tuesday, come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Here I want to write if make profit from forex trading is not easy. I am believe each traders has different skills in making money from trading.

Yesterday market on Monday market the price volatility is low on pairs like EURUSD, AUDUSD, etc, I am making a mistake trading on AUDUSD, impatience enforced me face to lose trade in AUDUSD, I see the price fall and break low price on the M15 timeframe, but when I open sell the price move to up slowly. Hit stop loss then trying to switch open buy on AUDUSD with expectation the bullish will continue. Today there is important news for AUD, my trades are full speculation.If the price move higher hence will get profit, however, if the price drops hence will margin call account.

Hello world, today visit again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Yesterday market move good volatile, I am still get lucky from order on AUDUSD, the price eventually rise and formed new high. Although not get big profit but at least still have the rest capital to try again later.

Yesterday also there is some news for GBP and all news gives support to the pound sterling, I see the price retrace and then I decided to open buy GBPUSD, which also give me profit in trading. However, I am too late to exit point, and the price pullback and formed a long wick.

Today still waiting for the market, not yet opened any trades. I just think AUDUSD is still long term bullish and possible to reach the Fibo level of 50.0

Good morning world, today the sunlight is clearly on around my place, but rain falls from the sky.

I come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen today. Here I should realize that making a profit consistent is not an easy task.

Yesterday’s market I am trying to bet on USDCAD because there is news high impact on CAD, however, the result is not expected, after the news has been released then the price move high volatile but up and down in the range. My order dragged and disturb emotions then closed the order in a loss position. However, I am yesterday scheduled to withdraw money from account trading. and today I am not yet open to any trades again.

Friday market is sometimes the market more difficult, maybe no trade today.

Now I watch the chart XAUUSD, I see the price formed a bearish candle yesterday and move near MA 200, I think if the price drops cross the line will continue to decline deeper.

Hello world, come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen. Today in Monday. New hope has already begun this week.

On last week I withdraw money from my account trading because need cash. Usually, I withdraw through IB, but I am trying to use another payment processor Fasapay. But my withdrawal rejected and need to comply KYC rules again, and send screenshot Fasapay account to make sure the destination account is same name with my name in FXOpen. And not want to confuse I am back withdraw using IB, and process take roughly 24 hours already confirmed and success.

Today I am only looking the pair in platform MT4 FXOpen terminal platform, no gap occurs on EURUSD and another pair. Seems the trend still not yet confirmed, the market looks like chopy market difficult to traded.

Hello world, Come back to my trading journal with FXOpen, two days ago rainfall high intensity enforced overflow of the water and there are disasters The landslide left several houses and their occupants buried alive.

Yesterday I am trying trade on EURUSD with sell and got a small profit. Today I already open new order again but switch to GBPJPY and tries to open a buy with a reasonable market pattern in a bullish trend. I don’t know if a later stop loss will hit or get the right position, currently, the price is in the low trading range and I put a tight stop loss.

Hello world, good afternoon, today is cloudly around my place, the sun is covered by clouds, and the temperature is around 28C.

I come back again to my trading journal just now because of the morning day in a busy time for some work.

Yesterday I am interested to trade on XAGUSD or silver, I see a strong uptrend forming a bull’s candle in the daily timeframe after long drops. Here I think Silver will reverse and the bullish repeated uptrend a few weeks ago. However, I am making mistakes that can be said to be overconfidence and trading without stopping loss.

After opening the buy order then forgets it to close the MT4 platform and do something else. I check again and 2 hours later, I see my order in profit floating, but before I decided to modify the order, the price reverse and drops again, making a floating loss occur. Yes I am too late to exit or modify order to break even point.

I still let order opened overnight and just make speculating order. But what happen when morning day check account already face wiped out account.

Here I can say again, trading forex is a risky business, so not recommended to use all saved money for trading or borrowing money to invest forex.

And if skills trading is not yet good to support, treating forex as the part-time business is more comfortable. Trading will not get pressure targets in daily trading.

Hello world, good afternoon, weather today is cloudy but not yet rainfall, the temperature around my place is +/- 30C.

I come back again to my trading journal here, writing anything about trading or something else that I want to write.

Today I see the gold price already rising again after the previous rebound formed a low of 1724, and now the price already hit 1768.

I am not yet open to any orders today. Seems the FOMC news yesterday gives impacted the USD’s weakening, because not only gold but EURUSD and GBPUSD also had a strong uptrend.

Good morning earth, how are you today, I see your land is already full of people.

This morning, I really fresh mind, after sweet sleep at night. Here I come back again to my trading journal and write anything.

Today I see EURUSD occurs a long gap down, the opening price far below the closing price of the previous candle. Now the price breaks the lower band and tries to look new low.

Usually when a gap occurs hence slowly the price will recover from the gap, however not always like it, sometimes the price still continues before eventually recovering the gap.

Hello, world, rainfall today although still in the morning around my place.

After picking my kids to school, now again open the MT4 terminal platform FXOpen and visit my trading journal with FXOpen.

Yesterday’s market was like as in a battle, I am traded over pairs to pairs like EURUSD and AUDUSD. Why I like to trade on these pairs one reason included the spread is low. In ECN Ticaktrader possible to get a negative spread on two pairs and often get zero spread. Last few minutes ago when opening the chart and login account, I close my previous order on AUDUSD with a small profit. But yesterday I face loss and need to hard work to making recovery.

I am still not yet give up till now although face many difficulties to making a profit from trading. However I always pay attention to the risk, so only trade when I have more saving money and set aside to make deposit.

This is how I trying to defend in the forex industry. Forex is like as a hobby.

Today I am not yet open any trades, although I see AUDUSD today tries to rising up.

Hello world, good morning, today the Sun lighting the earth, still no cloud in the sky.

I come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Maybe another trader yesterday also made a good profit on the pair GBPUSD as I get profit trade of this pair.

Maybe in luck when I open the MT4 platform and watch the market, my eye goes to GBPUSD which moves strongly to an uptrend. So I bet on GBPUSD with the open buy, and not too long time waiting the order then face profit floating.

Then when my order is already on positive profit, I modify the order on the break-even point to stop loss and target near the upper band line.

But I make another mistake, I see Gold also rising and tempted to open buy, I tries to minimize the risk with modify stop loss on GBPUSD from half of floating, then open buy on Gold with tight stoploss, however the volatility on gold enforced my order get fail and hit stop loss. But I still left buy order on GBPUSD and tries to waiting. Because impatience and fear will drop again, hence I closed order manually.

This is maaybe not a good trade, but I felt real battle in the market yesterday.

Today I have a plan to withdraw money from my account, need cash for daily necessity for family.

I am not yet open any trades now, and this is Friday on first week beginning month, NFP will released.

Hello world, Monday, Dec 5 2022, I come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Today I open the MT4 terminal platform and login the account, I see there are small gap occurring on the pair like EURUSD and EURJPY, a small gap seen in the M5 timeframe.

I am not yet open to any entries in this session market which includes the Australian sessions overlapping the Asian session market. But I see EURJPY now the price trying to rise up after drops last Friday during NFP news.

In Hourly I see two candles indicating an uptrend and looking target of 142.390.

Hello world, today come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

I know and proven if trading forex is risky business, which in daily trading, we can’t always making profit, sometime loss occurs, and when face the loss, when we follow emotion, it will make messed up all trading. So keep work in calm minds actually required to work in trading.

Yes, when we face with easy profit, then seems our life so easy, make money just need one touch of finger. But when face to loss, it bring to minds full confusing, emotion, worry, anxiety etc, that included in psychology trading. So advisable to stop trading after loss, but maybe not all trader can easily to stopped. Feeling curious and desired to making short recovery sometimes shadowing our minds.

Yesterday I get loss again and included successive losses, today I am trying to using small money open new order in the EURUSD, I just think if the uptrend still on the way and yesterday price drops as retracement. But I dont know later, only use small cappital left, it is possible get margin call

Hello, world, Wednesday has come, the Sun still exists to enlighting the earth.

Today come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen. Here I just want to write anything that I want.

Yesterday’s market, I again get lost in my trading, however, another account get a profit. Today I see the gold price now traded at 1771.18 and yesterday market was quite slow, although the price tries to rise up, but then get a rejection and formed a long shadow. Gold price is still above MA 200 which means based indicator in the bullish market.

Please don’t mind; how a single trade position can be all of the part of your trading journal?

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Hello world, Friday market now, today is the last forex market open this week. What happens later in the market on Friday?

I try to spend time reading the ``economic calendar in forexfactory, and today 9 Dec will release high-impact news Core PPI for US data. Lets look at the EURUSD chart, I see in the last few hours the price tends to move in a sideways market. What is mean? There are maybe a price flat in the Asian session market or another possibility of investors waiting for the release time of PPI news.

EURUSD yesterday also still move to an uptrend but still in the trading range. Based band line the price in resistance level. However if the price break high, possible continue to rise.

I am not yet open any trades on this morning, I just write anything here in my trading journal with FXOpen.

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Hello, world, Monday has come today, the market will begin to open and gives chances to make money from price volatility on each pair.

Today, the sky is still dark because not yet sunshine appears from the east, I come back to my trading journal maybe too early.

Trading is a risky business, this is based on my experience, however still making money from the forex industry, if you have marketing skills to become IB, it will get benefits from an affiliate program, this is one way to make money from forex. It will become more valuable when we already become profitable traders.

Maybe sometimes we felt bored with trading when facing such condition we can take a rest and with share thought or experience in a crowd forex community it could make light our minds. We can learn from other traders like in FXOpenforum dot com where many traders share experiences and learn together.

Let’s talk about EURUSD, expected the price will rise again today.

Hello world, how are you today, I see cloudy in the sky, is it will rainfall?

Come back to my trading journal with FXOpen, barely I pick up my kids going to school, and now time to open the chart.

Yesterday market I see EURJPY already move the rally to bullish, and I tries to open a pending order buy limit with use tight stop loss, here I just want to take a risk of 1%, to learn the place best entries. I put the pending order on the support level. However, my pending order was not opened because before the price reached the buy order already bounced to rise again.

Today I watch to XAUUSD, and the price yesterday drop and form a bearish candle, I just think the price of long-term gold tends to be bullish, I try here to put a buy limit using a tight stop loss.

Hello world, just now I back to the forum and visit my trading journal with FXOpen.

How are you the market? Are you doing well yesterday? I am sorry because yesterday market gives me several loss. However it is not big problem, I still get earning from another online source income to cover daily needs for family.

Yesterday market after the price move strongly to bearish on the USDCHF, then the price moved flat, in this condition is difficult to make a profit, although I try open two entries all failing with small risks. Today I just put pending order on USDCHF although very far from the running price but I placed it near the resistance zone level based on my views.

Hello, world, in the last few days I do not visit here. Because in hospital pick up my mother in the treatment. So I am not open to trading platforms.

Today I come back again to my trading journal, although this morning not yet opened any trades, I already open the MT4 terminal platform FXOpen and I see EURJPY occurs a gap while EURUSD is not. Although both pair has the same element namely EUR, however in fact the price movement is different, sometimes occur positive correlation and sometimes occurs negative correlation.

The gap in the EURJPY is wide and can be seen in the daily timeframe. Usually, after this occurs gap then the price will move to recover the gap. However, the gap could be covered after days and not on the same day.

Good morning world, how are you today, the sun lighting the earth very hot today.

Come back to my trading journal with FXOpen to write something.

Yesterday I put a pending order on USDCHF but now already hit stop loss, I put a tight stop loss yesterday. And now I just trying to put pending order on a pair AUDUSD, the order is already active because hit by the price. I just think now AUDUSD is already on the support zone level and probably rising to higher prices.

However, if the price eventually breaks support and continues to a downtrend, hence stop-loss will be touched.