Please where can i view the market aside tradingview

i have been having issues with my trading view site of late. And the most shocking thing is that i have been using the site just fine to analyze all market for some time now but all of as sudden it just stopped working. And i have cleared my browser histories and i have cleared cache. even set the proxy to system proxy and i have no vpn on. im just quite frustrated cos ive been able to view the chart. Aslo if there is any cool site to view the market id appreciate it. i dont want the Mt4 or Mt5’s own. i just need something of some sort like trading view

GoCharting is a good one I found

Did you try any broker site that may use embedded Trading View? I often find that such sites have an embedded tool that uses tradingview app within a browser window. I have, in the past, used a licenced version of Trading View that is useful for saving annotated charts for historical reference, but I no longer feel a necessity to save annotated charts. I use these only when contemplating and piloting new trading plans, for my own consumption, and my plans move forward so fast in iteration of paper trades or “coffee value trades” that I no longer feel the need to do such deeply accurate analyses. A plan either has an edge or it does not, and if you need to run more than a hundred pilot cases to decide whether a plan has an edge or not, it is highly likely the plan is too complicated. KISS.

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Oanda has its own white-label version of TradingView. It’s available on demo accounts there (under the name “Advanced Charting”), and their demo accounts don’t expire.


You can try StockCharts or for market analysis. They have great charting tools. Also, you can contact their support team to check if they can fix their problem.

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Thanks so much you are always willing to share information.

No problem at all! Feel free to shoot over any questions whenever you’ve got them :wink:

I placed a trade last week on Tuesday to Monday on EURUSD but the trade was stopped out from my stop loss. Mind you, this was my first swing trade and it was a loss. i was stopped out on Wednesday. The only, strategy i used was fundamental and a little bit of s&r. i wasnt that mad that i got stopped out, i was just observing and looking at what i did wrong. I thought it was going to be a huge sell lastweek for EURUSD but i was wrong. So this week i’m just observing and taking my time. Lol, just thought to share this to you since i find you very interactive to my posts

Been there before :slight_smile: Observing and learning from your experiences is indeed a great attitude. The market can always surprise us!

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