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Every case is different, You know that. Don’t, as you always do, attach your feelings to what I said.

EXAMPLE: You don’t think the judge will take into account If I murder a retired judge or police officer into consideration when deciding my sentence?

I’m sure the judge took into consideration it was the capital building and why they was there

When you talk about harsh treatment, where were you? When exactly did the GOP begin discussing harsh treatment?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Speaks Out on Harsh Treatment of Jan. 6 Detainees – Cowardly Republicans Remain Silent

Senator Liz Warren is the only lawmaker brave enough to speak out against the harsh treatment of the January 6 detainees.

Kudos to Elizabeth Warren and Dck Durbin!

They show more humanity than any Republican in Congress today.

Shame on these spineless Republicans!


Where are you GOP? Dems speak up over harsh treatment of Jan 6 riot detainees, while Republicans ignore

Republicans are being criticized for staying silent about the reportedly harsh treatment of people arrested and detained in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot while some leading Democrats speak out about it.


You can’t compel your faithful heart to say or make the best decision When it’s your own party

Correct !

Incorrect - “The Law” - does not allow for “Equal treatment” of “White men” !

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Such a statement would only come from a lesser man.

The republicans will need to come up with a solid plan or else they run the risk of being expose for what they really are: clueless.

Americans could lose $20,000 in retirement savings and private student-loan borrowers could see their payments surge if Republicans don’t raise the debt ceiling.

With the US expected to run out of extraordinary measures to pay its bills as soon as July, Democratic lawmakers — and President Joe Biden — have been slamming GOP lawmakers for failing to put forth a plan to raise the debt limit and keep the country from default, which would be unprecedented with severe consequences. The JEC report highlighted how Americans could be impacted should the country default for the first time ever this year.

“This report shows that a Republican default crisis means real dollars coming out of American families’ wallets and savings decimated. This is not a hypothetical exercise to the millions of Americans – including veterans and seniors – who rely on the United States government for benefits, pensions, and disability,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

“House Republicans’ approach is dangerous and destabilizing,” he continued. “Even the threat of a breach will raise costs on everything from car loans to mortgages. Republicans are gambling with Americans’ savings, benefits, and lives, all to play a political game.”

Over the past week, the White House has been ramping up its attacks on the conservative House Freedom Caucus over its plan to raise the debt ceiling, but only if Congress passes legislation that block student-debt relief, recoup unspent pandemic funds, and end environmental programs, among other things.

“The Freedom Caucus’s devastating cuts to families’ budgets and American priorities would not reduce the deficit because they would just go toward paying for MAGA House Republicans’ $3 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy and large corporations,” a White House official said in a statement to Insider.


That is a sad truth, for some the solution for past inequality is with more inequality against the grandchildren of those that may have benefited in the distant past. I see this less about correcting a wrong and simply looking for revenge

Speaking as an American, my country will remain a socially divided nation as long as laws are applied unequally, and based on race, gender and politics

Hunger Games here we come


If this is truth then it is not sad - it is wrong.

Then again sometimes what is actually true can be more difficult to discern than what is right or wrong?

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Wrong it is, and getting worse. Here is another wrong, How is this bringing people together?



Dennis, I forgot the university, but it was one I had heard of. They were having 5 separate ones, not just the two in your post.


You cannot right a wrong done in the past. Where do we currently stand as a nation divided? Every man was created equal until man decided that all men are not created equal according to man.

Make your damn mind up and stop spouting drivel @peterma

One possible explanation for this division is that America is a melting pot of people with different origin stories, America is not a nation that was established as one national origins narrative.

America is unified by an ideological doctrine. As a statement of belief, rather than a national identity.

In contrast to England, which has a origin and national identity, the American empire will fall apart and become just another historical account in years.

Although it is not bringing people together, some would wonder why black colleges were established.

Many people see “all Men are created equal” and assume every individual would be treated as equal / individual equality, However, this has never been the case. As a result, there has always been division, and unity will never be achieved.

A Nation Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

As I said, we are living the back story to Hunger Games

How about a little humor to start the week

The story goes like this

A woman reporter says to Winston Churchill " If you were my husband I would poison your tea"
Churchill replied " If you were my wife I would drink it"



It’s who you ask, there are numerous narratives that can be made from this, relies upon an individual outlook and what they are attempting to achieve.

There is a lot to consider about who is making the claim and what their real agenda is. Is it really to unite America?

There will always be clowns who act as if they want one thing, but on the weekend put on a clown outfit and behave like one.

And then there is this, we know what the reaction would be if it was the other way around


Ron DeSantis is the right man to lead the change you are looking for based on his current history

This so stupid, and will anyone on the left or a democrat ever call it out, Nope