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More Iran cartoons —

cartoon - Iran - 7

cartoon - Iran - 8

Pity the poor Donkeycrats. – Trump lives, rent-free, inside their heads.

cartoon - 23

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3 year of fake Russiagate and a fake impeachment is now leading to real rockets and bombs being dropped. I feel like we a living the plot of Star Wars 1-2&3 and there is some evil Sith Lord pulling all the strings and pitting us against one another

This has to be a joke, the real articles of impeachment would have been written with crayons

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Hi Falstaff

This is spot on and the question has to be asked, “What damage will this do to future generations to learn that the history told to them was a fabricated lie to satisfy the wokeness of the snowflake and outrage brigade??”



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Supreme Leader Khamenei explains Iran’s foreign policy

click the image to enlarge it

cartoon image of Khamenei borrowed
from noted cartoonist Michael Ramirez

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After 3 weeks of being told to “pee or get off the pot”, Pelosi caves,
and tells Nadler to prepare to send the Articles of Impeachment
to the Senate next week. — Maybe. — Or maybe not.

From the Daily Beast

Pelosi Announces She Will Send Impeachment Articles to Senate Next Week

The Donkeys have been wishing and hoping for a recession –
– or better yet, a full-blown depression – on Trump’s watch.
Then, maybe, Trump would lose in the Nov 2020 election.

Alas, it’s just not gonna happen – and the “depression” is
now inside the Donkeys’ heads. Poor, suicidal Donkeys.

cartoon - democrat donkey - 4

Excerpts –

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made an appearance on a state-run television station Wednesday, and in an angry rant he made some veiled threats against the United States and Europe’s occupation in the Middle East, and he especially targeted the EU for failing to maintain the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal.

The speech comes as massive protests have swept over Iran following the accidental downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet last week that resulted in 176 deaths, many of which were Iranian citizens. Videos from the protests have surfaced showing Iranian police using live ammunition against protesters who were chanting things like “we don’t want the Islamic Republic” and “death to the dictator.”

Watch yourself, Rouhani. — You could be next.

cartoon - Iran - 13

I like politically-incorrect stuff.

Donald Trump, Jr., is politically-incorrect. — I like that.

Here he is with his AR-15 – that’s America’s favorite sporting rifle.

Or, as the libtards would say — gasp :grimacing:his assault rifle.

I especially like the tricked-out magazine, with an image of Hillary behind bars,

and the tricked-out mag-well, shaped like an Eleventh Century Christian Crusader’s helmet.

Don Jr's AR-15 - 2




Mine wasn’t nearly that fancy.

Here’s a photo of the actual helmet I wore in the Eleventh Century. It’s a bit dinged up, because I was in a lot of battles back in the day —

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Mmmm that’s Weird


Grandma Pelosi launches IMPEACHMENT

cartoon - impeachment - 44

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This is going to be an exciting year.

Brexit is going to happen on January 31 — Boris Johnson has said so.

Trump is going to be reelected on November 3 — impeachment has all but guaranteed it.

Bitcoin is going to hit $1M by December 31 — John McAfee has bet his weenie on it.

My % chance of these things happening
Brexit 50% ( by years end, not end of month)
Trump 90% ( remember the deep state still runs the elections not the people)
Bitcoin 0% ( maybe a new high by years end but no way $1 M)

Today the Senate will begin the trial of President Trump on Pelosi’s stupid Articles of Impeachment.

[Reports that the Articles were delivered to the Senate in a barf-bag have not been confirmed.]

Before today’s festivities begin, let’s see what the cartoonists are drawing and writing.

cartoon - impeachment - 48

cartoon - impeachment - 49

cartoon - impeachment - 50

cartoon - impeachment - 51

cartoon - impeachment - 52

cartoon - impeachment - 53


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

two cheeks on the same butt (one is just a little left of the other)

cartoon - Bernie - 4

cartoon - elizabeth warren - 8

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Democratic White House contender Gabbard
sues Hillary Clinton for ‘Russian asset’ comment


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard sued Hillary Clinton for defamation on Wednesday, seeking at least $50 million in damages for harming her reputation by suggesting last year that one of the party’s White House contenders was a “Russian asset.”

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From The Associated Press and ABC

Britain’s Brexit bill passes final hurdle in Parliament


LONDON – Britain’s Brexit bill passed its final hurdle in Parliament on Wednesday after the House of Lords abandoned attempts to amend it.

The acknowledgment came after the House of Commons overturned changes to the government’s flagship Brexit bill made a day earlier by the Lords.

The bill will become law when it receives royal assent from Queen Elizabeth II, a formality.

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union on Jan. 31.

The EU parliament also must approve the Brexit divorce deal before Jan. 31. A vote by the European Parliament is expected next week.

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