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Your party has the floor, what will they do about these issues other than blame the Democrats?, the world is watching

Republicans’ first bill makes tax fraud easier for high earners

Republicans set the tone for their next two years running the House of Representatives by enacting legislation that would add $114 billion to the deficit over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


‘Damaging cuts’ to Medicare and Social Security are looking more likely with McCarthy as House speaker. Here’s what it will mean for retirees.

House Republicans elected Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House after a historically lengthy election process. That could be bad news for some retirees.

That’s because of the types of concessions McCarthy had to make to secure his seat. Reporting over the past few days strongly suggests that those concessions are related to entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security, which Republicans have waged war against for decades.


House Republicans voted to gut the House Ethics Committee, and George Santos said it was ‘fantastic’

“I think it’s fantastic,” Republican Rep. George Santos of New York said of the rules package, which passed by a 220-213 margin, in a brief interview with Insider Monday at the Capitol.


Republicans File Multiple Lawsuits To Block Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Three lawsuits have now been filed to block the Biden Administration’s loan forgiveness plans. The first suit was filed by a conservative law firm, with one of its attorneys, Frank Garrison, as the plaintiff. The second suit was filed on Thursday, by six Republican Attorneys General.

Both suits want the courts to block the implementation of the loan forgiveness plan. If successful, they would prevent approximately 40 million plus borrowers from having some or all of their student loans canceled.


first off, I have no party.

second, you clearly do not understand how Washington works. Reps have a narrow majority in the House, Dems run the Senate and White House, so there is NOTHING earth shattering the Reps can do unless the Dems agree to it. It is called “divided government” and history has shown the American people do very well when our government is divided

Screw both parties

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Dennis, really?

Based on your previous posts, when did you discover these revelations?

Last time I check you was blaming one party.

Do we need to look at your history?

Damn, I broke my new year resolution, Never Feed the Troll

When will I learn

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There is nothing to complain about when you have nothing. Love you Dennis and please stay the way you are.

Discussion thrives on diversity (the real definition - not “White men are bad” ) of opinion and putting forward your own point of view. - Unfortunately the thread has nobody capable of even having a real point of view - whose considered opinion differs in any significant way from yours - so the fools can only “BAIT” us by copy and pasting garbage they find in the ether.

There is NOTHING Good they can say about the current Administation - so the best they can do is to attack those of us who do actually have a thought process ! DJT is one of those and the unbounded attention they pay to this old white man - just demonstrates how completely terrified they are of logic and ratonal thought ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t beat yourself up mate - feed it if you want to! - but don’t expect logic ot rational discussion from the fool ! - all you will get is what we see above - 3 posts of utter copy and paste !

All of which is invariably irrellevant to the discussion - and gauged purely as a personal attack on whichever of us had the temerity to express a real point of view ! :upside_down_face:

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Another vague statement, If you want to back up this statement with something concrete, the floor is yours

Your real point of view, as you stated, would be greatly appreciated

Quad Erat Demonstrandum !

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Rather than spending time attacking me, let’s hear about your real point of view, your thought process that you speak of.

A Dullard Never Learns.

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. No one here is attacking you, but calling you out for attacking us. Why do you feel a need to comment in a negative matter on every post? This is not an attack but pointing out the simple fact you post twice as many posts to this thread than everyone else combined.

Now for fun, try to resist the urge to reply to this post, If you can

Yes feeding the troll again

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Please show me a post where I’m attacking you, Recently, you two have been name-calling not me, I respond in kind.

If you show me, I will concede.

You respond to me and want me to resist responding to you, That’s the werdist I’m referring to.

So you want me to keep quiet, you want to cancel me, lol

I do you one better Dennis, I’ll sit back for a week and listen to you and your buddy’s viewpoints on different subjects,

We need to have a sit down one day Dennis, face to face. I will be heading to the Bahamas for the month of February, give you time to think about it. Now that will be for fun.

In my opinion, you two are caught up in emotions and feelings, something Falstaff preaches against here, the feminist movement.

This is the tax the Republicans are proposing.

The House of Representatives is planning to vote on a Republican bill that would abolish the national income tax, payroll tax, and estate tax and replace it with a single national consumption — or sales — tax on the purchase of goods and services. If passed, the Fair Tax Act would implement a 23% consumption tax on gross payments and also eliminate the IRS, which supporters say would no longer be needed.


Here we go again, I took this picture 2 days before Christmas, today price is $2.93, does this mean the US oil reserves that were being used to artificially lower gas prices are running dry. What drives the US economy more than anything is cheap abundant energy. This spike in gas price, if it continues is a sure path into a nasty recession, and I don’t see anyone in congress or the white house doing anything to address this. It is like they live in their own little world outside the reality the rest of us face


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Replacing the Income Tax with a Consumption Tax is nothing new, here is a 12 year old video from Peter Schiff making a good argument for it. It is such a good ideal we will never see it happen. Regardless what tax system we have the real problem is government spending

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The release of oil was a total joke, Democrats are responsible for this issue, there was no long-term plan to fix the issue, maybe someday the politicians will figure it out, but The Future doesn’t seem promising.

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It would be good if inflation and the cost of goods were not so high at the moment. At the moment, this will clearly hurt middle- and lower-income families.

EDIT; In retrospect, how bad would it be for middle- and lower-income families if this were the only tax they were paying, but does this mean no more income tax returns?.

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If food and housing is exempt then it will not hurt the middle/low income. Yes it would mean no more income tax returns. But you can bet congress will mess it up, they always do. Finally, it will be funny watching the democrats defending the IRS as they argue against this.

In the end the status quo will prevail

Thank you for a civil conversation

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Dennis, no need to thank me, we both have strong opinions on different subjects, it’s politics after all and yes I can be overbearing at times, I get it.

Don’t know how they can avoid food, it will bring them the most revenue.

EDIT; But people will go mad when they see the prices

Hopefully, this will lead to something

Don’t tell anyone, but Democrats and Republicans agree on fixing Congress and have even been working on it

It may be news to many Americans that it’s not a partisan idea to think Congress needs fixing. It’s not just ultraconservative Republicans who believe it’s necessary. Democrats do too.

Members of both parties even have some of the same ideas about how to do this — and finding consensus took years and happened away from the spotlight.

In 2019, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., created a bipartisan committee for the “modernization of Congress.” It wasn’t just about updating technology. The committee also took aim at partisan polarization and gridlock, “the inability to pass important legislation, low public approval ratings, high levels of partisanship, and the general belief that the institution could function better on behalf of the American people.”

As it did so, the committee saw that one of the reasons that Congress was not working was because the speaker’s office and party leaders had too much control over just about everything. That’s one of the key criticisms that was made by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, and some of the others who extracted concessions from McCarthy during the leadership fight.