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Where was the “bipartisanship” when the D’s passed the Unaffordable Care Act"

You just recently did one of your cut and paste on all the stuff the new Republican House is trying to pass,. How is that “do nothing”

Give an example

Dennis before you respond about power and control, Do the republicans have a good policy here?

Now in Charge, House Republicans Ante Up on Immigration with Two Bills; Action Expected Next Week

House Republicans have promised multiple times that they will act on this agenda once in control of the House. Indeed, their Commitment to America expressly included some of these reforms. The question now is whether House Republicans will be satisfied with simple border security measures, or whether they intend to offer the American people real, overarching policy solutions to a complex problem that has challenged lawmakers for generations. We urge them to do the latter.

Although the leadership race has not been decided and committee membership is still in the works, House Republicans have already announced they will consider two immigration bills on the floor of the House next week. The bills tackle two issues: Title 42 expulsion authority and the law prohibiting illegal aliens from possessing firearms.

The first bill, entitled the “Border Safety and Security Act of 2023,” is almost a carbon copy of a bill authored and introduced by Texas Congressman Chip Roy in May 2022. It is a short, 3-page bill that essentially replicates the Title 42 authority to expel illegal aliens in Title 8, which houses the Immigration and Nationality Act. Specifically, it grants the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to expel aliens who do not have proper documents if the Secretary determines in his/her discretion that doing so “is necessary to achieve operational control over such border.”

In addition, the bill requires the Secretary to expel aliens without proper documentation if the Secretary cannot: (1) detain the alien as required by law for expedited removal (INA 235(b)(1)(B)); or (2) place the alien in a program consistent with the Remain in Mexico program (pursuant to INA 235(b)(2)(C)). With regard to the current flood of asylum seekers, this provision would require the Secretary to pick one of two options. Either the Secretary would have to expel all aliens without documentation, which prevents them from claiming asylum (assuming that was indeed their intention), or detain all asylum-seekers until their claims are evaluated—as is already required by law, but is not being enforced.

The second bill scheduled for a floor vote next week is entitled the “Illegal Alien NICS Alert Act.” This two-page bill—a revamped version of a bill introduced by Senator Tom Cotton in 2021—seeks to help enforce 18 USC 922(g)(5), which generally prohibits illegal aliens from possessing firearms. The bill requires that the Department of Justice notify ICE and relevant state and local law enforcement agencies when the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) indicates that a prospective firearm transferee is illegally or unlawfully in the United States.

Can any of this help fix the current crisis, or is it all up to the democrats ?

In your eyes, Dennis, the republicans can do no wrong. I noticed how you gave me a thumbs up while I blame the democrats for certain things, but you yourself can’t blame the republicans for nothing.

Dennis, let’s wait and see what happens. The republicans are putting bills on the table, maybe they have a plan for fixing the current problems,

Just when I thought things were getting better between us, you come at me with a personal attack, This is why I don’t like having conversations with you, you make everything personal and attack me with false Strawman arguments, And the reason I gave you a thumbs up ( I will never do it again) was because your post was about the issue and not a personal attack on someone’s opinion of the issue.

let’s keep personal attacks off this thread

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That’s a personal attack?, how come when someone challenges you on what you post, it’s a personal attack, dude there’s no independence in your posts, and you’ve defended republicans pretty much on everything, nah dude, I’m not going to stop calling you out for your posts, and I suggest you do the same.

Keep your hurt feelings and emotions out of this thread.

Everything in the post above is a personal attack, not one world about an issue or political opinion, it is all directed at me, sorry you lack the intelligence to understand that. See , that last part was a personal attack on you,

how about we both agree to stop making personal attacks.

because I know you have no self control I will let you have the last word


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I guess I`m better off using the word troll, fool, and whatever else they have called me, is that how it works.

I’m so offended.

If a man can’t stand to here those words he should get his man card taken away immediately.

Denise, I don’t know if you’re kidding me or what, but please stop.

I was just questioning your independence, you called yourself independent

And right on que…


He’s been critical of the R’s plenty of times. It’s just that the D’s stink more often.


yes I have but I never called myself independent

and your que is to piggyback off of another mans. if you had a problem before why didn’t you speak up. it is what it is

What is a man worth if he cannot hold himself.

to address the above personal attack

Politically I am right of center, the Identity Politics crowd would call me “rightwing” I would identify as “Progressive” in the true sense of the term. My favorite president was Theodore Roosevelt.

As far as the Republican party they suck, but there are a hand full of good people serving in the R party, my is favorite Rand Paul , the only good people I see in D party are Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, not surprising they have both been outcasted by the D party

Now is there anything more independent and going against both parties then my support of UBI

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again a personal attack of someone else’s post, we don’t need that here

You address it without needing help from groupies, respect for that alone

you are little confuse when it comes to personal attacks, directly or indirectly

No problem here.

cool, so now you can come at me directly, no sugarcoating

what else would you call questioning someone’s manhood or deliberately spelling a man’s name in the female spelling. I see no confusion here what so ever