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I address him already. we are clear now

and there lies the problem, why are you addressing anyone.

dennis there is no problem, the issue is not that deep.

EDIT: People forget they are on the internet. no one should be able to hurt your feelings.

Waaaay back when, I posted this, with Dennis adding that Reagan did the amnesty thing and the D’s didn’t follow through on their end.

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then why do you try so hard to do just that

Let’s not kid ourselves as to why the D’s are doing what they are doing, They see the illegals as a huge voting block that they will exploit once they get citizenship, so they have absolutely no reason to want a closed boarder or any kind of immigration control. They are basically selling us out, just for more political power. This will lead us to a country controlled by just one political party,

Peoples Republic of America is on its way,

God help us

I saw a R on TV that said that, even though illegal, they filled out census forms which
are/were used for redistricting Congressional seats. So, it’s already happening.

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Because of this R governors will keep shipping them to D sanctuary cities. This goes under the heading " two wrongs do not equal a right"

sad to see peoples lives being played like this

I hear what you are saying, but what alternative do they have?

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None that I can think of, if someone brings a gun to a knife fight you have no choice but to also get a gun.

I don’t know how this is all going to end, but I don’t see it ending well

Are we living the backstory to the movie “Hunger Games” it sure feels like it

It sure seems the failure to “protect and defend our borders” is an impeachable defense?

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Not to change the subject but this is Martin Luther King day, him and me share many political beliefs including his view of our two political parties

God Bless MLK


Funny. I heard our President speak and said something along the lines that “his wise words live on to this day”. Then I thought about how King just wanted people to “be judged by their character, NOT the color of their skin”. Yeah, Joe. Might want to reread that speech.

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Any black man saying those words today would be labeled( by the political left) as a “Uncle Tom”

So sad, the path we are going down.

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Just for a laugh, I found this video explaining virtual signaling, we sure see a lot more of that these days

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Ha! That was perfect!

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This is how America should work, but we can never make that dream come true

Who cares what they call him, as long as he stays true to himself.

As I said before the blame game ended, now is the time to put up. You had 4years of Trump, but nothing came of that, you are about to get two years of little power, and may get another four in 2024. All I hear from Republicans is that Democrats have done this and that. Let’s see what happens in the next four years.

at some point you gonna have to stand on all 10, you can keep saying the words personal attack all you want, I’m not breaking any rules when I question your posts.

if anything, you are trying to cancel me for calling out your posts