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I already address that.

we need answers from Biden as well as trump. one party turn them over when they was discovered, the other party took them home and refused to turn them over, That`s why the raid happen

some people can`t comprehend this

The Dramatic Differences Between the Trump and Biden Document Dramas

One president had to be hounded for government documents, including classified material that was only retrieved after the FBI executed a search warrant at his home. And more documents were found even after the president’s lawyer signed an affidavit saying everything had been retrieved.

The other president voluntarily turned over documents – including classified material – after his lawyers discovered them in his non-White House office and home, and is cooperating with the Department of Justice.


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Rubbish! The FBI knew where the documents were at Mar Lago… Months before they had asked Trump’s staffer to put an extra padlock on the storage room…

Brandon wasn’t President when he took these… The Vice President shouldn’t have ANY classified documents outside of the White House…

You are also conveniently forgetting these documents were found back in November 2022… Information that had it been released when found would have swung a great many midterm voters…

Democrats knew it and you know it…

see if you can spot the difference

Trump now accuses FBI of ripping off padlock THEY asked him to install on the Mar-a-Lago basement where boxes of documents were kept - as report claims an INFORMANT told agents where to look

Former President Donald Trump has raged on his Truth Social app several times since his office and private residence were searched by the FBI**

In a recent post he appeared to confirm an earlier CNN report that Justice Department officials made a rare visit to Mar-a-Lago months before the raid

It comes as one outlet is reporting that an FBI informant tipped off federal agents about what files Trump had and where they were

The raid is apparently related to documents sought by the National Archives


As I stated earlier

I see your position on this… No comment…

BTW… You missed an important piece of that article…

In early June, the DOJ and FBI asked my legal representatives to put an extra lock on the door leading to the place where boxes were stored in Mar-a-Lago - We Agreed,’ the ex-president wrote.

They were shown the secured area, and the boxes themselves. Then on Monday, with no notification or warning, an army of agents broke into Mar-a-Lago, went to the same storage area, and ripped open the lock that they had asked to be installed…

Trump’s documents were known to the DOJ and the FBI and stored in the Basement of a secured compound…

Biden’s were stored in a domestic garage… Unknown to anyone except Hunter and Joe… Must have been under Hunter’s Laptop…

The DOJ or FBI would never bother to look there…

I have edit out my bold statement at the end of my posts, Trendwithbenifts I get what you are trying to say and where you are going with it, but at the end of the day-

regardless how we both feel on the matter

But at the end of the day… Joe is screwed… And the Democrats look like a bunch of Whinging Hypocritical Simple Minded Morons…

You are entitled to your own personal opinion, and I understand why you will think that.

Are you sure about that

Donald Trump Turns on His Own Supporters Over Abortion

Donald Trump has blamed the Republican Party’s disappointing midterm performances on the “abortion issue” rather than the failure of his endorsed candidates.

In a post on Truth Social, the former president said that it “wasn’t my fault” that the GOP failed to ride the expected “red wave” in November’s elections, while pointing the finger for the poor election results at those in the party who pushed for severe abortion restrictions post Roe v. Wade .

Many people, including within the GOP, blamed Trump’s MAGA and election denying candidates for the GOP failing to retake control of the Senate and only just achieving a slim majority in the House.


You can play dumb all you like… We both know that the hullabaloo that was the Mar Lago Raid and constant press for weeks (August, September, October 2022) was nothing more than a charade

A distraction on the run up to the Mid Term Elections… Like you… I’m not even in the US and even I could see the strategy adopted by the Democrats who were under enormous pressure to clear the narrative of Biden’s geriatric bumbling and Hunter’s Laptop saga

You can throw up smokescreens like the Roe v. Wade decision but many middle of the road swinging voters were dragged into the deception about Trump’s Nuclear Missile Codes beside the bed, Russian Collusion fairy tales…

Hell, the average ignorant citizen is easily led by the mainstream media… Only 2 years prior billions fell for the Mass Media Psychotic Event around the Pandemic…

Hook, Line and Sinker…

Trump Made It A Felony To Mishandle Classified Documents In 2018

Me playing dumb or not doesn’t matter.

I just ask the question, your leader didn’t think so, also you are the only one pushing that narrative, I don’t see too many republicans pushing your narrative, look like you are on an island all alone.



Kennedy was for a strong defense, intervention in Vietnam to contain Communism, and cutting taxes to stimulate economic growth. Not only was he for these things, he did all three.

He was also for Civil Rights, along with the overwhelming majority of all Republicans. It was the Republican Chief Justice Earl Warren whose Supreme Court gave you Brown vs. Board of Education. It was the Republican President who appointed him — Eisenhower — who sent Federal troops against the segregationist Faubus to integrate Little Rock Central High. It was the near-unanimous Republican minority in the House and Senate that put the Civil Rights agenda over the top: most Democrats were against it. Republicans would probably get credit for this had they not nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964 for President, since Goldwater voted against the Civil Rights Act (albeit on the ground that it was unconstitutional, not that it was wrong).

Martin Luther King was a Republican. So is his niece, my friend Alveda King. So was his closest confidant, Ralph David Abernathy.

It was Democrats who divided the nation over slavery, and then split the nation and took it to war. It was the northern Democrats who led the political charge to surrender to the South and let them (and the northern states) keep their slaves, even as Atlanta was falling to Sherman (two months before Lincoln won re-election). It was Democrats who created a “terror wing” for their party, the Ku Klux Klan, just as it was Massachusetts Democrats who long funded and armed the terror wing of Sinn Fein in Ireland, the Provisional Irish Republican Army. It was Democrats who removed all blacks from office, then all blacks from the schools and voting rolls, then enacted Jim Crow laws, then — 50 years after the Civil War, under Woodrow Wilson! — for the first time instituted segregation in federal hiring. It was Democrats who invented the “white primary”, statewide primary elections which barred any black person from voting at all (an evil the Supreme Court had to strike down at the very beginning of the civil rights era).

And what of that era? Was it not filled with lynchings that Democrats refused to legislate against or prosecute? Was it not filled with terror attacks by the Klan? Was it not characterized by men like Faubus and George Wallace and Bull Conner, Democrats all? And was it not equally characterized by courageous white political leaders who stood against the evil, like Winthrop Rockefeller in Arkansas, Nelson Rockefeller in New York, and George Romney in Michigan, Republicans all?

And when welfare proved a horrific systemic disaster, trapping black families in poverty and multi-generational breakdown, was it not Reagan and Kemp and Gingrich who worked to reform it, while Democrats stood in the way?

Under Reagan — in just eight years — the number of blacks in poverty fell from 2/3 to just 1/3. Who is the greatest champion of the poor in our era if not him?

Yes, Rand Paul is right. The Republicans and Democrats of 1860 are not much different from the Republicans and Democrats of 2013. The one party is still for the underdog, still fighting for liberty, still in love with the idea as well as the reality of America. The other party is still violently working to subvert if not destroy all of that, dividing us all into victim groups and pitting us all against one another so they can rule us all.

It is wicked. It is pathetic. And it is endless.


Trump didn’t mishandle the Classified Documents, FBI, DOJ knew where they were and approved the security surrounding them… Under Padlock and Key…

Unlike Bubbling Brandon who had classified documents all over the place… In his domestic garage, his Think Tank Office… And god knows where else they are too scared to report on…

Chances are Brandon had these records in his possession before, during and after 2018…

If Classified Ukraine Documents are contained in the haul of illicit literature from under the Corvette, the FBI, DOJ, even the CIA should have a good look at Brandon Jr’s Business Trips to the Ukraine during this period.

Back to reality!.. Many are asserting the distraction strategy pre midterms… Trying to isolate what I’m posting here won’t be of any help to your argument. Hence you running away form the extended facts I posted earlier…

Now you’re trying to paint Blue as Red and Blue as Red… Give it a break…

It’s not my argument with you; I pointed out what Trump and the republicans are saying, not me, as to why they lost the midterms.

I can care less on why they lost, they lost

Did they lose? The Reps control Congress, which controls the economy…

Brandon has become such a lame duck President that it appears even the Dems are trying to sabotage his administration…

Even CNN and MSNBC are no longer running cover for Joe…

I give you that, Is there a president in the last 12 years that has contributed greatly to the advancement of the country? If so, who is he and how has he done it?

You guys are acting As if some great president has come along in the last 12 years and done something great for our country, let’s point him out so I can compare his legislation to the other presidents.

The Biden Administration came to power and presided over…

  • Border Crisis

  • Return to Energy Dependence

  • Messy Afghanistan Withdrawal

  • Authoritarian COVID-19 Mandates

  • Crime Surge

  • Rising Inflation / US Economy in Recession

  • War on Parents

  • Millions wasted on supporting a Proxy War with Russia

All this in only the first two years of Biden’s term…!!

How many of these US Policy/Cultural Disasters can you pin on Trump…??

I didn’t pin anything on trump, this is what I ask

Trendwithbenefits, You seem agitated about American politics, so I’d like to divert you for a moment before you have a heart attack. How are things in your own country?

Not at all… Just pointing out some reality for you… Showing you the error of you views…

So, how bad was the US under Trump…? When you can see the Biden Administration is well on the way to turning America into a failed state…

No Heart conditions for me, I haven’t been jabbed!

Australia is still one of the safest, wealthiest, picturesque continents to live on the Globe. We would have immigrants pouring through our Borders as well… Only it’s a few thousand kilometre swim…

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Again, that’s not what I ask, I digress, anyway

Rather than fretting over another man’s country, why don’t you sit back and enjoy your own?

The world won’t end if America falls apart, that’s an opportunity for other countries to take the lead, has been happening for 1,000 years.