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Yes - Russia is a terrorist country and Hamas are Isis


Iran? You think or like any other country that survives on $1.00 a day and has Toyota trucks with machine guns on them and at war

As I posted 24 hours ago… Iran…

The media are trying to put evil Russia in the mix… Russia hasn’t got enough armaments left to continue pummeling the Ukraine…

Iranian ships have been caught smuggling weaponry into the Gaza Strip before… So Iran has to be the supplier…

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As we have for the past 30 years, America will continue to support Israel, it’s funny how people aren’t interested in supporting Ukraine, but the republicans will now supporting it.

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Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad told the BBC that the terrorist group had direct backing and support from Iran, which also promised it would “stand by the Palestinian fighters until the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem,” the report quoted him as saying.

Didn’t take Rocket Science to see who’s fingerprints were all over this attack…

What’s the plan ?

US to send F-35 and F-15 jets to the Middle East to deter expansion of fighting beyond Israel’s borders

On Sunday, US military officials said they will send advanced fighter jets, including F-35s and F-15s, to patrol the Eastern Mediterranean region to deter the war in Israel from spreading beyond the country’s borders.

The deployment is a show of support toward one of the US’s closest allies after Israel declared war on Hamas following a weekend of lethal fighting that the Israeli Defense Forces say has left 700 Israelis dead and 1,500 wounded by the Palestinian militant group.

Biden tells Netanyahu military aid “now on its way” to Israel with more to come

President Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a call on Sunday that additional military assistance is “now on its way to Israel with more to follow over the coming days,” according to the White House.

When is the United States going to learn to stay out of Fanatical Religious wars…

Israel is an advanced Military presence in the Middle East… It doesn’t need the US’s help to quell lunatic untrained gunman and stone throwing youths…

It won’t need anything from the US other than sophisticated intelligence to seriously destroy Hamas and Hezbollah enclaves…

Iranian infrastructure is well within reach of Israel’s relatively modern and well equipped Air Force…

Hamas says US response is an act of aggression

Hamas accused the United States of “aggression against Palestinian people” by responding to the violence with a Navy carrier strike group sent to the Mediterranean Sea.

“These movements do not frighten our people nor their resistance, which will continue to defend our people and our holy places,” Hamas spokesperson Hazem Kassem said in a statement.

Now American Citizen’s across the globe are at risk of “lone wolf” attacks from deranged Palestinians and their psychotic followers

Strongly Condemn these latest attacks… Just stay out of the conflicts…

But Joe Biden and his incompetent Administration is going to get even more innocent American’s killed abroad… Before he finally bumble’s, stumble’s and stammer’s out of his Presidency…

Israel and America have a 75-year relationship that goes deeper than you may realize.

The US will likely ‘go to war’ in Israel with air and naval power if Syria or Iran become actively involved, retired 4-star general says

Speaking on Sunday on MSNBC’s “Weekends with Alex Witt,” the four-star US Army general described how such an escalation likely would only occur if Israel’s Middle Eastern neighbors became heavily involved.

“The other shoe we’re waiting to see if it drops is, will Hezbollah intervene out of Lebanon with their 100,000 some odd rockets? Will the West Bank ignite? And what will the Syrians and the Egyptians do?” McCaffrey said.

"I would suggest to you our support of Israel will be absolute, and if we see Syrian military intervention, active Iranian military intervention, we’ll go to war," McCaffrey added.

U.S. Security Cooperation with Israel

Steadfast support for Israel’s security has been a cornerstone of American foreign policy for every U.S. Administration since the presidency of Harry S. Truman. Since its founding in 1948, the United States has provided Israel with over $125 billion in bilateral assistance focused on addressing new and complex security threats, bridging Israel’s capability gaps through security assistance and cooperation, increasing interoperability through joint exercises, and helping Israel maintain its [Qualitative Military Edge (QME).

(GovInfo) This assistance has helped transform the Israel Defense Forces into one of the world’s most capable, effective militaries and turned the Israeli military industry and technology sector into one of the largest exporters of military capabilities worldwide. Since 1983, the United States and Israel have met annually via the Joint Political-Military Group (JPMG) to promote shared policies, address common threats and concerns, and identify new areas for security cooperation.

The January 2021 JPMG reaffirmed the ironclad strategic partnership between the United States and Israel, underscoring a mutual commitment to advance collaboration in support of regional security and reinforce the historic achievements of recent normalization efforts in the Middle East.

The US and their 20 year wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus all the regime changes they have been a part of have let Iran go unchecked. What Iran is doing is on the US and up to the US to take down Iran once and for all

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This statement would be LMAO funny if not for the thousands they have already killed

I am sorry but the US and her allies cannot stay out of this, best course of action is to allow Israel to completely exterminate ham-ass. The US role would be to keep other countries’ from joining this fight.

And lastly, the US needs to deal Iran a heavy cost for their part

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I think this guy makes a really good point and makes you think about who you are as a person

U.S. Pledges More Military Aid to Israel As Palestinians Challenge Blockade & Occupation

RFK has gone independent, which is a good thing for him, Wishing him the best.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Declares Independent Candidacy

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And right in front of our very eyes… We have another War caused by a difference in beliefs… Death, Destruction and wanton Horror all caused by a different interpretation of one God…

And before those that will attempt to twist the truth and say it’s mankind, society or whatever fictitious excuse they can grasp for…

Hama’s and it’s delusional followers are shown in nearly every murderous video displayed around the world of the carnage in Israel yelling… Screaming…

Allahu Akbar God is greatest…

I’ll say it again and again… Religion’s are the biggest risk to the survival of Mankind…

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I don’t think this battle is 100% about GOD, people might scream allah akbar or what ever when killing people but is it really about GOD?

You get 100 thumbs up for this comment :+1:

U.S. rushing air defenses, munitions to Israel, defense official says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military is “surging” fresh supplies of air defenses, munitions and other security assistance to Israel to help it respond to an unprecedented weekend attack by Hamas, a senior U.S. defense official said on Monday.

“Planes have already taken off,” the U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to Pentagon reporters.

“We are surging support to Israel… We remain in constant ongoing contact with our counterparts in Israel to determine and then support their most urgent requirements.”

U.S. rushing air defenses, munitions to Israel, defense official says

With apologies to James Rickards and Paradigm Press for not getting reprint permission in advance, I am copying and pasting Jim Rickards’ article in Monday’s Daily Reckoning. This article adds needed perspective to the reporting on last weekend’s terrorist attacks in Israel.

Daily Reckoning

October 9, 2023

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Dear Clint,

The heavy attack on Israel this weekend by the Palestinian militant group Hamas has shocked the world. So far, about 1,500 people are confirmed dead. That number will only grow.

We don’t have many facts at this point, but it appears to be a massive intelligence failure by Israel. That in itself is shocking because Israeli intelligence is generally excellent.

It also suggests that Hamas is capable of highly sophisticated intelligence operations of its own, which allowed it to conceal the attacks, which were highly coordinated. The attacks came from air, land and sea.

Meanwhile, Israel has declared war on Hamas. What motivated the attack, which some people are calling Israel’s 9/11?

Again, we don’t have many facts yet. But some evidence is emerging. A Hamas spokesman has credited Iran with supporting and green-lighting the attacks. That’s not a smoking gun, but it’s entirely possible — even likely — that Iran’s fingerprints are on this operation.

Iran has supported Hamas for years in its efforts to undermine Israel. Why would Iran sponsor an attack on Israel now?

Iran Wants to Block Israeli-Saudi Peace Talks

The most compelling answer is to sabotage a potential peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran’s two greatest adversaries in the region. Iran wants to keep them divided. Israeli-Saudi talks had recently been making progress, so Tehran wanted to stop them in their tracks.

How does this weekend’s attack benefit Iran?

Saudi Arabia supports Palestinian independence. Iran hopes that the Hamas attack will generate a massive Israeli retaliation in Gaza, where Hamas is based. The Saudis would have to side with the Palestinians, which would drive a massive wedge between the Saudis and Israelis.

Tehran hasn’t hid its hostility to a potential Israeli-Saudi deal. Just last week, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei actually said that regional “countries that make the gamble of normalization with Israel will lose.”

That comment was aimed mostly toward the Saudis. And now, this weekend, Hamas attacks Israel.

Well, it appears that Iran’s gambit has worked. Today the Saudis informed U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken that they’re ending all negotiations on normalizing relations with Israel.

What if It Spreads?

The greater danger is that the conflict can spread. Iran also sponsors Hezbollah, the militant/terrorist group operating in Lebanon.

Today, Israel and Hezbollah traded artillery fire after Hezbollah fired on Israeli positions. If that engagement leads to an expanded conflict, it would force Israel into a two-front campaign, one in Gaza and the other in southern Lebanon.

Israel could even attack Iran directly, which could trigger a regional war. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. But if Israel does ultimately engage in large-scale combat operations for an extended period, it might be constrained by ammunition shortages.

To help support Ukraine, earlier this year the U.S. reportedly sent Kyiv 300,000 155-millimeter artillery shells that had been stockpiled in Israel. Those shells were intended for the Israelis in case it needed them.

Israel may only have about 20% of that stockpile left. If Israel does end up waging a two-front campaign against Hamas in the west and Hezbollah in the north, that shortage could represent a serious issue.

Israel does have a very powerful air force that could drop a lot of ordinance, but bombs are much more expensive than artillery shells and can’t deliver the sustained firepower that only artillery can provide.

That just goes to show that the war in Ukraine has affected military balances in other regions around the world, as stockpiles have been whittled down to support Ukraine.

It’s also possible that this weekend’s attack not only represents a failure of Israeli intelligence, but U.S. intelligence. U.S. intelligence efforts have been so heavily focused on Ukraine, other regions have been neglected, including the Middle East.

The Economic Impact

We also have to consider the economic impact of this weekend’s attacks. Oil prices jumped 4% today, to over $86.

If the conflict spreads, it could dramatically increase oil prices. If oil shipments through the strategically pivotal Strait of Hormuz were shut down, it could result in a $20–30 increase in oil prices.

For a global economy already showing signs of weakness, such an increase in oil prices would easily tip economies into recession — including the U.S.’ The signs are already there.

The EU is already in recession and Japan and the U.K. are close to zero growth and heading toward recession fast. Within the EU, individual recessions have hit in Germany and Ireland, with Italy and France showing growth barely above zero.

Then there’s China. The idea of a real recession in China may seem incomprehensible, but we may be witnessing one. The “reopening” narrative following the end of the ridiculous Zero COVID policy was always a myth (and I said so last year) but Wall Street bought into it until the data made its failure undeniable.

Today, China is not only underperforming the narrative, it’s slipping close to actual contraction. The point is, the EU, China, Japan, the U.K. and others are in recession or close to it. Can the U.S. be far behind?

The U.S. Case

There are many signs that it is. Many are technical in nature and I won’t get into them today. It’s enough to say that all of the technical signs are unusual and all point in the direction of a recession. They all have good track records of predicting recessions going back to the 1970s and earlier depending on the time series.

One of the best signs of a recession is when more mainstream or middle-of-the-road economists start sounding the warning. There are perma-bears who call for recession constantly (and everyone who does that is right eventually; recessions do happen).

I’m not a perma-bear, but I do use predictive analytics to look as far ahead as possible so I can be a bit early in the warning game. But economist Mohamed El-Erian is not in either camp. He generally expects strong growth and is an optimist even in the face of adverse data.

Now he’s warning about a recession. So when even he warns of a recession, you can be fairly certain that it’s either already here or arriving soon.

I’ll continue to offer my forecasts using the best methods available and ample data. But one of my data points would include a warning from El-Erian.

Now throw a potential Middle East war into the mix. Investors take heed.


Jim Rickards
for The Daily Reckoning
[email protected].

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Trump has been viewed as the man who can stop the madness, but could it be true?

A message from TRUMP.


There is no doubt that America is fully committed to Israel, If they needed a trillion dollars America will find a way. So let’s consider the way in which America is positioned around the world, Let’s suppose that Iran, Syria, and Lebanon join this war, China decides to attack Taiwan, the little man in north Korea decides to attack South Korea, we are in the midst of the Ukraine war how does America maintain being a global police force? At some point, we will have to pull back on some of these conflicts, just like when we left Afghanistan.

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