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It goes without saying that we had our fair share of stupidity

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Re: Iraq v Iran, Shiite v Sunni.

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It is a religion that is void of love and forgiveness, they only know hate and revenge

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Pro-ham-ass rally in New York City, Sponsored by the Democrat Socialist of America

There are several members of congress who are members of this organization

Should these people all be on the FBI watch list, and maybe no fly list , how about no subway list too, I would not want to be on a subway late at night with any of these people

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As a Christian, I have to admit that we have a long history of killing people than any other religion, and we might even hold the record for the number of bodies we have buried.

It is a small fraction of everything in our society, no different than this,

Occupied East Jerusalem: Outrage over ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting at Christians

Israeli Leaders Sharply Criticize Orthodox Spitting Incidents, Protests Against Christians

[quote=“SmallPaul, post:16871, topic:42247”]
As a Christian, I have to admit that we have a long history of killing people

The past is the past, I know of no Christians today that behave like Christians from a thousand years ago,

and on the other hand millions of Muslims live today with beliefs that have not changed in 1000 years

One religion has evolved over the years, the other has not

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Over 360 million Christians suffering persecution in the world

Open Doors releases its annual World Watch List 2023 confirming that one out of every seven Christians in the world suffers high levels of persecution and discrimination for their faith.

Although numbers haven’t changed substantially from the previous year, 2022 was the worst year for Christians worldwide, due to an intensifying level of violence discrimination and exclusion, according to the latest World Watch List released by Open Doors, a watchdog group that advocates for Christians.

The report, which was presented on Wednesday at the Italian Parliament in Rome, ranks the fifty countries where Christians face the worst persecution.

Over 360 million Christians suffering persecution in the world - Vatican News

Mathew 10.22

“You will be hated by everyone because of me (Jesus) , but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

I am standing firm ,

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Muhammad was a man of war, so nothing has changed over the last 1400 years

Military career of Muhammad - Wikipedia.

Did Jesus or any of his disciples kill anyone ?

No, perfect and free of blemishes.

Is it true that God ordered the murder of people, including women and children?

Peter Zeihan who knows far more about this than any of us has some interesting background and insight

There is no good outcome, everyone loses, I think I said that in an earlier post


I came across these videos while researching this latest Middle Eastern conflict. I used to think that only Muslims hated Christians, and all Muslims hated Christians, but clearly it isn’t all Muslims, and it isn’t just Muslims who hate Christians, I see other Religions also hate chrisitians, and again it is only a small fraction of them who do.

The Western media focuses on the evils Muslims do and the hatred we should have for them. We should hate no one and should never call for their death.

Spitting, Hitting Attacks on Christians are Surging in Israel: ‘Extreme and Unacceptable’

Officials in Israel are taking seriously a recent upsurge in spitting and hitting attacks on clergy, and vandalism of Christian sites.

Old testament, very different times, common for the victor of war to kill everyone, no one would be left to seek vengeance , We have grown from those days and would no longer do such a thing, but would ham-ass , that is the danger

Yes I agree, But it did happen, I still hold true to my Christian Faith

Jesus freed us from that past, Christians have no responsibility for Old Testament wars

So why are people who preach and practice Love, Forgiveness and personal salvation hated by so many?

I have no idea dennis, since we have Christians who preach murder who are not documented or on record as such

If there is a devil and he thrives on chaos and human suffering then it would make sense he would target anyone or group preaching Love and Forgiveness

That is my answer why Christians are targeted

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How much love and forgiveness are we really preaching?

Are there limits beyond which it is permissible to kill others?