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Eventually, Trump will become president. Don’t be paranoid, This is just the beginning, wait till you see the end.

Comedy quote of the year! Thanks for the laughs.

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IMO, A person would have to be just as pinheaded as Tucker Carlson to believe he has integrity, The integrity of Tucker Carlson was exposed years ago.

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Thorn Tillis deserves credit for calling Tucker Carlson as the Russians see him. Putin also said he was surprised Tucker Carlson didn’t ask him tough questions, He cuddled Putin like a new born baby, A useful idiot.

Senate Republican rips Tucker Carlson over Russia grocery store trip

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) ripped Tucker Carlson on Thursday for the conservative pundit’s recent praise of Russia President Vladimir Putin

“Ah yes, Russia is so much better than the U.S. with all those cheap groceries and lavish subway stations,” Tillis wrote in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, mocking Carlson.

“The Soviets had a term for people like Tucker: useful idiots.”

Sadly the above Alexei Navalny has died in prison.

Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin blames Western leaders.

Navalny’s lawyer will get to the prison some time tonight - no specifics yet - mindful that the lawyer couldn’t ascertain where they were holding Navalny back a few months.


It is strange how the Opposition to Putin ends up dead after Russia useful idiot visit, let me guess the left killed him in the Russian prison system.

Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi also called out the former Fox host, saying “Has anything ever aged so poorly, so quickly?”

Putin’s Useful Idiot

Liz Cheney, Others Rail Against Tucker Carlson After Alexei Navalny Death: ‘Putin’s Useful Idiot’

Tucker Carlson, when asked about Alexei Navalny, opposition leaders and journalists in Russia: “Every leader kills people. Some kill more than others. Leadership requires killing people."

The post Liz Cheney, Others Rail Against Tucker Carlson After Alexei Navalny Death: ‘Putin’s Useful Idiot’

it speaks

Tucker Carlson Finally Criticizes Russia After Navalny Death: ‘Horrifying, Barbaric and Awful’

The former Fox News host had just visited Moscow, interviewed Putin and said “Leadership requires killing people”

Tucker Carlson, who spent part of the past two weeks in Moscow and interviewed Vladimir Putin, criticized the Russian government after Alexei Navalny was reported dead on Friday saying, “It’s horrifying.”

Carlson gave a statement to the Daily Mail regarding Navalny’s death adding that “The whole thing is barbaric and awful. No decent person would defend it.”

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Kira Yarmysh, spokesperson and ally of Navalny reports that the family do not know where Navalny’s body is so very unlikely that the lawyer knows either.

Meanwhile another ally, Ivan Zhdanov, reports that the prison authorities are saying that it was ‘sudden death syndrome’ although no reports yet of autopsy results or indeed whether the procedure has yet been completed.

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Being reported that he died after a walk in the snow.

Just have seen scenes of police arresting ppl attempting to lay flowers - holding them face down … in the snow.

Democracy does not come cheap.

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Navalny: Family refused access to body as hundreds detained in Russia

More than 340 people have been detained in 30 cities across Russia after gathering to mourn the sudden death of Alexei Navalny.

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“Alexei, if you are arrested and thrown in prison, or the unthinkable happens and you are killed, what message do you leave behind for the Russian people?”

The final question by Canadian filmmaker Daniel Roher in his 2022 documentary. He asked this before Alexei Navalny left for Russia from Germany after recovering from a poison attack.

The answer
"We don’t realise how strong we actually are. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing"


And this applys not only to Russia

Any dictator is not to be admired, whether it is Putin, Kim Jong Un, or anyone else, but I would love to hear someone’s perspective on their obsession with a dictator

Read this piece yesterday evening from a thinker called Fr Donagh O’Shea

All violent revolutionaries become dictators on the day after
the revolution, claiming to be safeguarding the revolution. Bitter
experience shows us that the revolution serves the dictatorship, not
the other way around. The seizing of power becomes an end in itself,
rather than a means…

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The history of every African dictator as Idi Amin proves your point.

The Life Of Idi Amin, The ‘Butcher Of Africa’ Who Ruled 1970s Uganda

He was known for his smile, but military dictator Idi Amin Dada ruled Uganda with an iron fist for eight long years. Those who celebrated the general’s military coup that overthrew President Milton Obote in 1971 had no idea how violent and tyrannical the next decade would be.

By the end of his rule, Amin had ordered the killings of an estimated 300,000 people (some estimates peg the number as high as 500,000) out of a population of 12 million.

Even though Amin — also known as the “Butcher of Uganda” — oversaw mass killings and extraordinary human rights violations, many Ugandans still cherish his legacy to this day. This speaks volumes of his success in fostering the image of a liberator — a man of the people ridding their homeland of its imperialist past.

Idi Amin Dada: The Murderous Cannibal Who Ruled Uganda

I remember this person, he became not only a dictator but also implicit in hostage taking.

4 terrorists, 2 Palestinian, 2 German hijacked a plane bound for Paris in 1976

They eventually landed at Entebbe where 4 more terrorists joined them ( from Amin’s army)

From then on Amin called the shots, non Jewish ppl were released but he held the rest incl the Air France crew who refused to leave.

Israel finally decided that military action was the only way to release the hostages - they flew a task force from Israel to Uganda - this task force freed 102 of the 106 hostages.

The assault unit was made up of 29 commandos - these were the men who would attack the hostage takers on the ground.

Sadly their leader was the only IDF soldier to give up his life - his name was Yonatan Netanyahu - older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, current PM of Israel.

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In spite of the fact that dictators and wanna-be dictators are nutcases, they do a very good job of portraying themselves as liberators.

I think it will only get worse from here on out - Poland, Germany, France…