Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

My EURUSD trade(s) is finally turning around! 36 and 26 pips in profit. Sometimes it just takes some patience, right?!?

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My dumb butt didn’t think to do that on my first go around a couple weeks back. Oh boy did my margin available get low. Again, its always a learning experience.

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GBPJPY is 30 pips in profit. I was a little worried about that one considering where price was sitting, breaking out of a longer term channel.


That is so good to hear! Way to go.

Thanks for this share! I have a couple of questions for you.

Are you using any other confluence or just the white ema cross at the 2 green lines? I see u have the psar indicator too.

I tried this strategy but got stopped out a fair bit back and forth.

How are u exactly entering and where u place your SL? Thanks!


It’s all opinion and your preference. A lot of people do it differently. So here’s my opinion.

For the channel strategy the very best signals are the yellow EMA crossing over the bottom green ema or the yellow EMA crossing below the upper green ema.

When you are selling, the stop loss would be just a few Pips above the upper green EMA. When buying, the stop loss would be just below the lower green EMA.

If your stop loss gets hit, the loss is minimal and you will probably want to re-enter as soon as it shows that the trend really is beginning.

Or. A bigger stop loss using this alternative:

An alternative, which I would use, is taking advantage of the pullback by placing another trade entry where your stop loss would have been and cost averaging it into a win.

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I noticed KOF mentioning the EMA and the 1% strategy. Anyone know the difference between the 2?

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Yes. But due to copyright we cannot disclose details of the 1% strategy. You have to buy it from his website. The EMA strategy is public, so we can discus that all we want.

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1% strategy is rules based trying to catch a big trend and add to winning positions. You’ll have loads of losers and hopefully big winners that come out above the losses. I’m sceptical


Definitely smart if you’re opening like 10 positions at a time!

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Hello @froghunter
I don’t enter trades manually I have automatic MT4 scripts for placing new trades and closing trades as well. I don’t have control over the lot size, as it is calculated automatically using various metrics such as stop loss and equity. This process is automatic as I don’t enter trades manually, but I execute them using scripts.


Thank you euro/usd for that nice juicy big green candle.

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I know right? I went with the trend when it started. Switched at the top and rode it down to the 20 EMA for a little more profit.

I’m working on switching back and forth from trend to counter-trend.

Three positions max is all I’m doing. If I can’t bring it back into profit by then I cut it.

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You had the pain, now it’s time for the gain.

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Looking at the H1 and D1 is still paying big dividends before entering EMA strategy trades. Many charts are at the low/oversold levels during a long upward overall trend.

Easy money.

No fear. Only anticipation of profit.

Monday trades - good.
Tuesday trades - good.
Wednesday trades - will be good.

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My EURUSD is finally turning around, unfortunately, juicy red candles. FINALLY in profit, 45 pips! It’s been almost a week holding on so I’m super happy.

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Don’t you feel like you learn so much when a trade stays open that long? I think it’s a real eye-opener and it increases my confidence. Even though it’s so annoying.

Always rooting for you to have big profits!

Time to let it ride on Eur/Usd long?

I closed out 3 positions for 50 pips. Lets see where it stands in a few hours.

I set a SL at 1 pip profit. Probably gets hit.

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Do you trade the new York open or wait later in the day to place trades


I kind of have no choice but to trade the London session before I go to work. Every once in awhile I am able to stay home and trade the first hour or so of the New York session. If I could choose to, I would trade the first 5 hours of the New York session every day.