Scam broker unregulated by FCA

WARNING!!! I have some unpleasant experiences using ABSA Financial Limited as a broker. First of all, they require you to pay tax before any withdrawal can be made. You also have to pay tax on your deposits!!! They freeze you account as soon as you make some profit and require you to pay fees to unfreeze. In my case they required me to pay $12000 just to be able to use the account. In the mean time the account is disabled. They act from the UK but are not regulated by FCA. This means your fund are unprotected and you might loose it all in case something happens. WARNING!!!


is this it:

mind sharing with me how much money you have deposited with this company and what is your current equity/balance in your account?

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If you have a lot of experience with a variety of brokers, how come you got landed with ABSA Financial Limited. What happened to due diligence with your variety of brokers. How many brokers have you opened accounts with? Just asking because your two posts seem like they are designed to frighten new members, not help them


i hope it will be a informative post for all the traders who are particularly beginners level.

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The company trading as ABSA SECURITIES UNITED KINGDOM LIMITED, Reference number: 808323, also known as / previously known as “Absa”, is currently on the FCA Register and is regulated by the FCA.

Another company with the same name but different company number was also registered with the FCA but was de-registered 02/10/18.

ABSA Financial Limited and Absaforex are not registered with the FCA.

I can’t find any Google entry for a UK-based company called ABSA Financial Limited.

My intention is to inform new traders about the negative consequences of using non regulated brokers, not scare them. In UK I have found three. Mexico forex, Face Capital and ABSA financial. They not yet on the FCA blacklist but I’m working to get them on the list.

ABSA financial limited is, according to themselves a UK business. They even sent a fake FCA certificate to me :blush:image

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Absa Capital Limited is also unregistered with the FCA. It seems to be or to have once been a South African firm. Its possible someone is unlawfully using their name, as a clone.

This certificate uses US English spelling, date format and wording rather than British English. It does look like a fake.

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You have to pick a regulated broker to make money from this market.


hi i have the same issue with absa borker, there is a person who send alerts, and then when i tried to withdraw they require a payment fee, i sent them 8k, and now they require more fees, this is a fraud, what can we do??, we need to gather and send a claim to fbi

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yes this is the broker, we are unable to withdraw and retireve funds

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i have encountered two ripoff bucketshops.

i met one chop shop on the west coast, they simply dont return their clients funds.

i met another chop shop on the west coast… the boss drives a bentley phantom and he openly told me that ALL OF HIS CLIENTS LOSE.

they all operate using one model, that you are never getting back your deposits from them…

once you give them money, you aint getting it back…

i have been working on this project for a few minutes, and i have studied it from every possible angle.

do not give your money to an unregulated broker.

so there is nothing we can do?

sure, you could possibly get it back… if you can fool them into thinking that you are preparing to deposit a very large sum of money but that you need to close out this account first…

that is one option.

i am a new trader, what boker u recomend and where to invest, forex, stocks, cripto?

when you ask me “forex, stocks, crypto”, my first thought is that maybe you could pick one and learn to do it well…

maybe dont try to master riding a bicycle and a skateboard and a pogo stick all at the same time.

select one and approach it very carefully and only after making much preparation for your game.

btw, you did not tell me which country you are located in… no matter which country you are in, take the time to learn what it means for a broker to be fully regulated…

and then, lets say that you are interested in XXXFX broker…

definitely go to google and search for “XXXFX SCAM”

btw, broker reviews, both positive and negative, are fake in many cases.

walk slowly and softly and trust no one.

trading begins in eleven minutes.

thanks 4 the advice

Hello sir, I have a similar case, can you tell me how you proceeded? did you manage to get the money?

Yes, No problem. Deposit: $3157,74. Current balance 24.451,94

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you got your money back? i am a bit unclear about your response…

anyways, if you havent gotten it back can i see a screenshot of your desktop trading terminal?

do you mind?

you can private message it to me if you like.

i might be able to look at your situation and maybe figure out how to proceed.

i enjoy doing this.