Should we buy Game Stocks? GAmestop is a menace?

NO !

These people did - and the price has gone up - and Up - and Up !

Like Bitcoin, it has made a lot of people wealthy - quickly !

Is this illegal ?

Is it a scam ?

Should it be made illegal ? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Many of us have a natural antiithesis towards the “Big Boys” and their manipulation - I’d actually like a discussion as to the morality / legality of the markets here ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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See the B*ggers panic - “They don’t like it up 'em” :rofl: :rofl:

Lol - $4 to $328 ! in days - And why ? Because people are pissed of with being Scammed and fight back !

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It’s cheating if teh little people play them at their own game !


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Wow - You really need to listen to this ;


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Reminds me when a few smart people figured out if you keep track of what cards have come out of the deck you can beat the casino at Blackjack, the casino’s called it cheating and tried to ban card counting.

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Chamath Palihapitiya ( if you are a trader this is someone you need to follow) rips in to lame CNBC host, but this is not the full interview, cnbc has cutout all the good stuff and have issued copyright strikes against anyone putting out the full interview.

If anyone finds the full interfew, please post it here before it is gone forever

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here is another great Youtube channel for investors,

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Why do you say so?

he has a track record of being right with most of his trades and an advocate for reforming Wall St.

Do you know who Kathie Wood is? If not you need too

He is an investor who uses bad language - so why else should i follow him.

I know he uses words such as social with capital, friends and father etc - still cannot see why I need to follow him.

This might be the whole thing. Didn’t see the original, so can’t say for sure.

The host sure was pushing back hard on “fundamental” evidence to buy the stock. Would have been better if Chamath was actually there in the studio!


Why do I need to know Cathie - although she does not use bad language what exactly does she have to offer to Knowledge?

I see it’s Friday again !

Peter seems to delight in invading threads and clogging them up with inane verbosity - mildly argumentative - but just “Asking questions!” type stuff like this until anyone actually trying to Read the thread would naturally get bored and wander off.

He seems mostly active at the weekends.

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Yep - I was there back 22 years - bought without the fundie evidence - if a stock had a whisper of internet then it was a buy - ever heard of Pokemon?

P/E ratio? - that was for old fuggies - if a stock is going up who cares.

It was my biggest buy - got thrown out with the wash - lesson learned - short term gains often lead to long term losses.

He’s a smart dude, experience in big tech, runs a $1 bn hedge fund. Seems a bit more interested in social impact of big tech and big finance than your average big money holder. At least recently, has been on the side of retail investors and advocates for transparency from Wall Street regarding some of the behind the scenes deals and relationships that we’re hearing a lot about this week.

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Yeah, you are correct - he is all of these things and maybe more - but yet he is just a person no better than I am, therefore I have no need to follow - you are equally as smart but without the foul language, for that i respect you more :slight_smile:

Oh - the $ thing - it’s meaningless - just numbers.

I think those two together give us a good idea of what he was saying - so thanks to you both. Important discusssion and a little more insight as to what is going on :sunglasses:

Hmm ! I’m with him entirely -

"How is it possible for the ,‘market’ to be short 140% of teh total number of shares ?

Clearly when shares were on paper this could not have happened without a mistake on someones part - so just like "paper gold’ has no basis in reality, and those horrible “Investment vehicles” the Banks invented which turned to ratchett in 2008 these ‘Institutions’ are following in the footsteps of teh anciest goldsmaiths who invented ‘money’ and are over-selling their ‘loans’.

However unlime those ancient goldsmiths, these ‘institutions’ feel so entitled that they can continue with impunity and teh WE will all be forced into “Austerity” - to bale THEM out - whenn THEY screw it up.

and of course the ‘Swamp’ will happily oblige themm in any new Regulations or other ‘actions’ required.

Note Janet Yellen has just been made “Treasury Secretary” and is ‘well-known’ :wink: by the same Hedges who were doing the “shorts”


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looks like we both stepped in some peterma, he trolls threads with what at first seem like harmless questions then you go through the trouble of answering him thinking you are helping the dude out only to have him reveal his real intention is just to disagree for the sake of disagreeing. I guess that is how he gets his kicks