The Sex of Trading

Well spotted mate :sunglasses:

Sometimes - If something looks like bovine dung, smells like bovine dung and contains the same maggots you would expect in bovine dung - It IS “bovine dung” :wink:

Taking the second of these links first ;

We find this

And the Twitter account shows this

Now ignoring the first link and going back to the original - we find this ;

WHich is clearly the FULL version of teh OPs original post which interestingly shows this

Now we have to remember the post a little earlier

Which gives us this


Originally the subject matter of these posts was published here (but in a less biased form)

Do women make better traders than men ?

And was critiqued in brief here ;

Your Blog is biased and unreliable

It should be noted that NEITHER the males NOr the females taded positive in the originl=al version - but the observation wa smade that OLDER traders performed WAY better !

See ya around :rofl:

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This is art!

And no shame in assuming the identity of a grandma each time you sit down at the charts… as long as your profitable. :wink:

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Thank you - much appreciated :sunglasses:

And as long as you’re not using “Bovine dung” to try to “SELL STUFF” ! :wink:

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I wasn’t even going to dignify this with an answer, but after such low belt punches and so much noise, I felt some clarification was needed for the benefit of the casual reader.

My thread starts with information based on a link from a very credible website. Its author is named Cory Mitchell, apparently an experienced trader that gives very sound trading advice as you can see for yourselves when you visit his pages. He is independent and writes based on his own personal experience as a trader.

Among his various articles, he has this particular one about new traders performance stats where he shares the astonishing superiority of women as new comer traders:

I found it interesting enough to share here.

After a while and a few very interesting and smart comments from @PipMeHappy, that has another great thread about the role of women in trading Why we need more (good) female traders , PipMeHappy decided to share the link of another study with similar results.

I read it, found it very interesting and decided to use this link in order to broaden the results of the first study of Cory Mitchell. Here it is: 197066/exclusive-figures-show-women-make-far-better-traders-men | eFinancialCareers

This second study was achieved by Financial Skills, a trading profiling company founded by a group of ex-traders from Merrill Lynch and also suggests that women make far better traders than men.

Neither of those studies are related to each other, nor does Cory Mitchell work for Financial Skills. Since they have no relation to each other that is why they are a good confirmation of the same fact: Apparently women make better traders than men.

Same conclusion, achieved by two different studies using and analyzing different sets of data.

I think it is fair to say that both studies come from very credible sources: In one case we have an independent trader and his many years of observations during courses for new comers, on the other, a group of ex traders from Merrill Lynch now focusing on studies and data analysis.

This is the kind of solid information that can only be either refuted or confirmed by other equally solid studies or new sets of data and an intelligent analysis of such data.

I don t see any of that in your response. Instead, you can only produce flashy pictures (lots of those), extremely dubious connections and totally misguided conclusions. And you seem very proud of it.

It is very interesting to note that your arguments come from two links:

The first link is, wait for it…A LINK TO YOURSELF in this same forum, where you regurgitate these same kind of ideas over and over again. It certainly is a highly unbiased and credible link, since you seem to enjoy so much to pinpoint biased ideas in other people’s articles.

The second link is another version of the Financial Skills/Merrill Lynch article, where, apparently, Cory Mitchell is mentioned as being female. Most likely they read his article from an older web page that had not so many flashy pictures that you love so much and assumed he was female as Cory can be either a male or female name. Since the article was very favorable to women it is not a big stretch to assume its author named Cory was also female. Of course you had to make a huge deal out of such an insignificant detail.

And what if Cory is female, male or even transgender? Does that affect in any way the results of his study and his conclusions, or even his ability to trade and his years of professional experience? Apparently this is only a big problem for you. Nobody else seems to care, even your buddy @thetradinggod said:

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I completely back everything that @UpFromZero said.

Falstaff, you are on thin ground here.

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Thanks to Falstaff, Cory Mitchell is becoming famous :slight_smile:

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@UpFromZero I just sent him a tweet now with this thread link :slight_smile:

The data show that male investment bank floor traders are useless, and that female investment bank floor traders are also useless. Both will empty their clients’ / employers’ accounts, the men more quickly.

This is of relevance to us private retail traders only if we wish to become investment bank floor traders or we wish to give our money over to investment bank floor traders to trade with or we trade in exactly the same way that investment bank floor traders trade.

Which all seem to have a likelihood of about zero. Which is also about the value of this thread.


Thank you @tommor, great contribution to the thread.

A tweet to Cory Mitchell?

@tommor That is a very valid point, i.e. there are different types of traders so we have to be very precise.

However in the e-financial article that I posted it did not, if i recall correctly, deal with established bank/floor traders per se, given that the sampled 300+ people were interns thus still fairly un-trained.

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Yes, @UpFromZero

Good idea, sending the tweet.

Will be very interesting to have him around and share a bit of his experience, though.

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Interesting times we live in when low belt punches refers to checkable leads and facts. :roll_eyes:

However that is not the point of this post - IF YOU’RE GOING TO QUOTE ME - GET IT RIGHT !

Now Put that quote right - Or Take it Down !

No use trying to have real conversatons based on facts with certain members around here.

I wonder why you even try.

Its the admins choise to support such practices and drag the quality of this forum down as far as to “unbearable”.

Now we even have people demanding of other people to take down their posts when it doesnt fit them.


Here we see from this individual, defamatory statements - against me and against the “Admin” of the site" - fabricated in such a way as to attempt to avoid responsibility for these slurs.

And more to the point advocating the prevention of allowing participation by an individual whose input to the discussion is “difficult” for the poster to address in fair and reasonable discussion.

Much as the participants shown in the short video in my post 21 of this thread do.

Attempts to deplatform and Biological basis of the choice differences between men and women

“De-platforming” of anyone wanting to discuss reasonably is the sole aim of this posters “contribution” - And this is self evident from the “Story” he is implying !

I put him to strict proof of each and every one of these assertions - WITH evidence.

I may or may not come back to this post later. We’ll see :smile:

Flat-Earthers believe that the world is flat, and no amount of ‘proof’ will convince them of the contrary.

Falstaff, when it comes to the topic of this thread you are essentially a flat-Earther: no amount of - as you call it - ‘strict proof’ will convince you that there may be room for compromise on your side of this debate, to shift your opinions by a tiny bit.

So this debate is now dead, essentially.


I’d just like to remind everyone to smile. :slight_smile:

Today is another day that we have all been given the opportunity to participate in. I for one am very grateful!

Now, I need to get downstairs to help my wife finish getting breakfast ready and get my son out the door.

I hope you all have a blessed day!