What are the simple things that make you happy?

I am not sure I understand about what people are talking here, but it’s probably friends and something which goes along with that no matter what. Are you really able to do that things or not ? I am happy I do not need that for whatever reason out there.

For me, happiness is when I come home and i am greeted by my shaggy friend. I have a dog, a spaniel. Even if the day didn’t work out, my Jokki cheers up. He’s our family’s favorite. The decision to have a dog was hard for me. It was more of a son’s wish. It’s a big responsibility. But it’s not that bad. I am assisted by the advice of veterinarians https://petonbed.com/ animal care. There is all the details. Dogs make our lives kinder

Our dog passed away some time ago and we deeply mourned him. Now we have a cat, who is a total weirdo but I love that about her. Her antics make me smile.

Dogs are just the best! :blush: I love them so much, and their excitement when they see me home really cheers me up! :blush: We have lots of stray cats at home too. BUT I’m not super fond of them since they usually gang up against our dogs. :frowning:

It is a cup of coffee

Well its just good deed that make me happy.
Try to help of all those who expect wonderful response or favor for my side

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I just try to treat others how I want to be treated - with respect and kindness.

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Hot cocoa with nuts and a beautiful sunset. When guests come and when my dog licks my nose!:улыбка:

Open spaces, parks and looking at the world from the Hill., Nature is my way of finding peace and happiness.
Other than that I simply enjoy coffee and a smell of good cologne, if don’t smell good I have a problem.

I love nature walks too but I don’t have much time for those.

+1 for nature. Cup of Joe, chair and an awesome view of nature, whether that’s in a park, the back porch overlooking the yard, staring at mountains in the distance, sweeping fields and rolling hills. It’s just very relaxing. Any of it, all of it.

Or of course one could simply invest all that emotion in the purchase of a Bottle of Scotch - :slightly_smiling_face:

For me it’s a cup of coffee, chocolate and a cigarette for a long time was a holiday. But now i gave up cigarettes in favor of vape . My habits are preserved, but vape is less dangerous to health and there is no unpleasant smell as was from cigarettes. And yet vape is much more economical for my budget https://vawoo.co.uk/weekly-sale/. Every year excise duties grow, cigarettes become more expensive, and their quality is constantly falling.

I smoked a little back in university and then I dropped the habit altogether, it really did nothing for me.

Small batch bourbon whiskey at the moment for me.


Recently, I’ve been super into this Philippine Pop boy group. :smiley: Listening to their songs lift my spirits up right away. :blush: I’m proud that they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve. :slight_smile:

There are many things in the world that make our lives happier

Do you like flowers? You can plant flowers. They make our lives cozier and more beautiful. In order to grow flowers do not need to have a house and a garden. You can grow flowers at home or on the window. To do this, you will need a window box planter [Removed for forums violation]. Flowers on the window is always and beautiful and cozy

For now what makes me happy is being able to live each day. Sorry to sound so serious but in times like this, I count and value every single blessing and feel grateful about it.

It true. Life is very valuable. You are right. In the current climate of the coronavirus epidemic, I think a lot of people understand that