What are you watching?

Anybody watch 1899 yet? Can’t tell if this will be good or not.

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I really liked The Punisher series and I heard that The Punisher’s first appearance was on the Daredevil show.

So, I’ve been watch Daredevil the past week or so. Holy cow! I had no idea it was so good! It makes me wonder what went wrong with the other Marvel series. Luke Cage was a disaster. I watched the first episode of Luke Cage a few years ago, and every time I thought Luke Cage was gonna fight, there was no fighting.

All I saw was furniture flying out the window. It makes no sense. It’s as if there was no budget for action scenes. Iron Fist was good, but Daredevil was waaaaaaaay better. I can’t believe I doubted Daredevil for so long.

I have just started it looks good so far. I think it’s made by the same team who made ‘Dark’. Have you watched it? I loved ‘Dark’, the best series ever

Definitely agree! Haha. I almost gave up on it in the first few episodes just cause it was so confusing. :sweat_smile: But it ended up being my favorite MCU series! :blush:


Has anyone watched the recent Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special? :blush: Haha. I really enjoyed that one! :smiley:


That is so true.

Yeah. watched it, and loved it. So much fun and sensitive too. They got all the making of 40mint episode TV series. Movies are good. But with Guardians so many storied to tell, so many species, worlds, places , That got great potential & materials for a good TV series. Hope for the best!

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I’m watching Wednesday now but I’ve only had the chance to make it through the second episode because I’ve been busy :sweat:

Anyone else watch it?

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Oh, I downloaded it, but haven’t watched yet.

Not familiar. I’ll have a look, thanks!

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I watched Ms Marvel again, and I may have been a bit hasty with my review. It’s really good. I really enjoyed it. It’s not as good as Hawkeye, Loki, or WandaVision. But, it’s better than Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Hawkeye, Loki, and WandaVision had some deep emotional elements to it. In Hawkeye, Barton had to deal with mourning Natasha and the trauma of the invasion in 2012.

In Loki, Loki was dealing with his inner turmoil. Also, the timekeepers were dealing with the truth of who they really were. Loki also fell in love, which is wild. Then we watch Loki and Sylvie split due to difference in opinion. Loki, heartbroken???

In WandaVision, we watch Wanda deal with the trauma of losing Vision, and the loss of her children.

Those were all heavy emotional moments.

But Ms. Marvel lacked that element, in my opinion. Overall it was still good.

I just started watching The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

It’s pretty good! They did a great job with this!!

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I decided to watch X-Files, all seasons once again. It helps me to distract and relax. However, I hate the seasons that came after the 9th.


Sounds like fun. Any snacks???

The Last Of Us. Expanse, again, as I fell off and completely forgot what happened the first 2-3 seasons.

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Love this series. I’m still watching Expanse, now on season 5. One last season after that and it’s on to something else.

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Does anyone watch Modern Family? It’s soo gewd


Definitely!!! It’s such a great show! The writers are hilarious. They didn’t pull any punches. They made jokes about every demographic. And even the small jokes were great.

Actually, one of my favourite moments is when Manny was trying to teach Jay how to double-click a computer mouse.

Manny: (clicks the mouse twice quickly) double click, you see?
Jay: Double…click (clicks the mouse with a long pause between clicks)
Manny: you can’t possibly think that’s the same thing!

Every single episode was amazing!

@The_enigma What season are you up to? Any favourite episodes?


@dushimes Currently on season 8, I don’t wanna rush to finish it because my life will be so empty after I finish it lol. My favorite scene is Dylan singing In the Moonlight (Do me) to Hailey. The way the whole family went shocked, but then the song stuck in their head


Also loooove the Modern Family! :blush: OMG Phil is so precious and Cam! I love Cam! I also love how the characters grew and changed for the better as the seasons progressed. :blush:


That was when Cam and Mitchell were singing it, and Cam was correcting Mitchell! He just couldn’t let Mitchell sing in peace! haha

I loved it when Cam became the football coach!

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