What do you think about impact of corona virus on trading globally?

No stone is left untouched. Pandemic is storming everything.

Unfortunately, coronavirus has affected all spheres of life, and trading is no exception.

I think that impact of corona virus on economy will be hard and economy will be really damaged. However, world economy is ready to this crisis, so negative impact can be compensated. Now, there are 2 main theories about the future of economy

  1. The theory of fast recovery. According to that theory the economy will recover very fast and its recovery will take around 3-4 months. According to this theory - the coronavirus won’t change the structure of economy and won’t destroy the main connections. so they will just be recovered after the lockdown. That’s of course, the most favourable scenario.

  2. The theory of slow recovery. According to that theory - the coronavirus will destroy the deep economic connections and will lead to the significant changes in the economy structure. This is the most unfavourable scanario, as according to it - the recovery will take around 1-2 years.
    To date, the prospects for economic growth in particular remain uncertain:

  3. Annual global GDP growth is projected to fall to 2.4% by 2020, compared to a projected 2.9% in 2019, with growth likely to be negative in the first quarter of 2020.

  4. China’s economic outlook will be much worse, below 5%.

  5. Negative effects on confidence, financial markets, the tourism sector and disruption of the supply chains of goods and services will lead to a halt to development in all G20 economies by the end of 2020, especially those associated with China, i.e. Japan, Korea and Australia.

  6. With a positive reduction in the impact of the virus outbreak, the impact on confidence and revenues from targeted policy actions in stable economies could help world GDP growth to 3.25% in 2021.

  7. A recurring coronavirus outbreak.
    As we know - China introduced massive program to recover economy, so we can expect that this will have a positive effect and will compensate the negative impact on the economies that are associated with china. So everything depends on two factors - if nothing will happen now, we can expect scenario of fast recovery. If something will happen, we can expect negative scenario with slow recovery.

The pandemic has surely disrupted the financial capacity of each individual. But, i think trading has come to the rescue of many and people are investing their time on various trading platforms, especially the ones offering low minimum deposits and additional promotional offers. In a way, we are being benefited by the time given to us in this situation to learn new things.

It is severely affecting international trade & creating a negative economic outlook. But there may not be a return to pre-outbreak norms once the spread of the disease has been brought under control.

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Yes, I also agree with that. Besides many country already have lost their healthy economic circle due to this panda-medic. Specially the poor countries.

Yes I think ensuing social distancing will result in some structural unemployment because of reduced need for staff in services sector.

Unfortunately, I can only say that coronavirus has greatly affected the economies of all countries, including trading.

Besides its worrying effects on human life, the novel strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) has the potential to significantly slow down not only the Chinese economy but also the global economy. China has become the central manufacturing hub of many global business operations. Any disruption of China’s output is expected to have repercussions elsewhere through regional and global value chains. Indeed, most recent data from China indicate a substantial decline in output.

IMF says the virus will impact the global economy by $2 trillion just this year. As long as hospitalizations increase and jobs are lost, trading will be impacted. I’m sure trading has already been affected even just recently, with lockdowns easing and people getting back to normal behavior. So less trading in general as they’re getting back outside.

As per the researchers, COVID-19 has increased unemployment level even more than during the peak of the great financial crisis. This has excessively increased in the demand for US dollar as a safe heaven. Though the current movements in demand of US dollar are more of driven by emotional quotient of the investors. This clearly doesn’t align in long run due to mass unemployment and increased government borrowing.

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I believe that the vaccine by AZ will lead the race and the situation will be better by Jan-Feb 2021. So stay hopeful

which broker are you using?

I use EagleFX and IC Markets.


How are their spreads and execution?

It has already affected some markets

Which market are you focusing on?

it’s really unique situation, even World Wars haven’t led to such shut down. So it’s really hard to predict how hard the fall will be. The one thing I can say for sure - it will be really hard, so we should be ready. Analysts prognose that fall will be at least comparable to 2008-2009 crysis

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Really?? wow


The coronavirus has had a high impact on people’s lives as well as on the world market—especially small and medium-sized businesses. People’s demand for goods fell, people became more economical because of the fear of being quarantined again. The only thing that the coronavirus has barely touched is the cryptocurrency, and it is probably worth investing in now.