What is your trading routine

what is your steps or trading styles to enter a successful trade and on which time frame

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Looks like I was right. :smiley: Haha. You could check out the School of pipsology for some tips on this. :slight_smile: Let us know how that goes! :blush:

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i have no fixed trading routine but i always try to avoid news trading that made me loser so many times .

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  1. Scan charts
  2. Identify trend/direction on the monthly/weekly/daily
  3. Identify s/r levels on the monthly/weekly/daily time frames
  4. Check economic release calender
  5. Enter orders on the 4hr chart

I do not follow any particular trading routine. The time I found a right entry I like to work in the Market.

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It is actually dependent on the trading strategies adopted by the forex traders. We can’t deny the fact that each trader is unique. So we should try not to follow other traders randomly. As far as the answer to your question: I prefer day trading where I start trading at beginning of the day and end the trade at the end of day.

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When you get good entry particularly , can you elaborate more ?

my routine to loss regularly , nothing without it. please don’t take seriously

Do you want to checklist or systems name? By the way, I prefer the D1.

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When I do scalping then I use M15, for swing trading I prefer the daily chart.

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your name is familiar to me :smiley: … i want to know the steps of market analysis

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no one can avoid loss completely , its common routine for everyone.

yes its common routine for everyone i know, but there is a limit , i have lost vast of money in this market , so sometimes i feel to make sure losses by trading is my daily routine.

I trade on D1. First I check monthly and weekly charts to understand the overall market trend. Then if my strategy permits me I open trade on D1 time frame. If I get set up, I open trade. If set up is not there, wait for next the next day.

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Just make sure a regular trading discipline; of course there is a chance to avoid regular losses.

as usual suggestion , not more something. by the way, Thank you

I trade long-term, nothing intra-day, so my routine is all in the evening after the NY close or in the early am before the London open. I do a weekly review at the weekend for my trend-following trades (I’m mainly a trend-follower but lately have also added in some swing trading). I trade forex, major indices plus a few major commodities.

Weekend routine -
check for charts in basic trending set-up (20, 50 and 200EMA’s in sequence, 50EMA slope also aligned with trend)
grade trending set-ups using weekly bars v’s 50EMA (including how many weekly closes, highs and lows in last 13wks above or below 50EMA, how many consecutive bars unbroken by 50EMA, how many weekly bars overlapping last week’s etc.)
check whether base currency is strong/weak/neutral by totalling major pairs in uptrend or downtrend on this base currency

Daily routine -
update trend set-ups
check if any new trend-following positions can have entry order set
check if any pending trend entry orders can be re-set more favourably or cancelled if trend set-up broken

for swing trades, check if any new swing highs or lows confirmed: set new entry orders if they have

for all open trades, check if charts have weakened significantly - close manually if they have

I don’t do much in the game during the day, maybe some forums, some charting, some Youtube clips.


lol. any suggestion is good just observe it in a proper way, of course good result will come