What's your trading goal for this year?

to have zero revenge trades and to stick %100 to my plan
seems simple but it is almost impossible to stick to it all time

To amass investors.

Lol yes, it’s this one which I need to update:


I set a goal for myself to earn 6K euros this year through trading. For me, it will be a good goal

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On how much capital though.

i have been trading since 2020 and started learning forex since June, 2023.
First 3 months were nightmare but then things started going right. I am not an excellent trader but doing ok better than bad.

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Welcoooome! :blush: I’m glad that you pursued forex after the first market that you traded in 2020. :open_mouth: Forex is really challenging, but I hope we both power through like our friends here. :blush:


i am very +ve we will achieve our goal 1day

Continue to adapt, stop hating on cryptos, refine entries and exits.

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Really good to see you again here @TradeViper its been a while! :slight_smile:

And even better to see that you are still in the field and clearly thriving. I sincerely hope BP is going to see some great benefits from your long experience. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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How do you continuously adapt to the rapidly changing crypto market?


  • doing thoroughly reasearch which funded trader is appropriate
  • open in march a funded account
  • doing this what i do with small private account with funded account (10000K account)
  • making those ridicolous % targets
  • starting to earn regularly 5000 USD/month start april with scaling up
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Hellooooo! :blush: I wasn’t able to update my thread, but I did end up opening a short position for EURUSD @ 1.07728. :blush: Price started moving the other direction before I hit my TP @ 1.06646, but luckily, I still got a few pips in. :blush:

Right now, I’m watching my EURUSD charts. :thinking: I’m waiting to see if price will break through my 200 MA. :open_mouth: If it does, I might consider opening another position for this pair.

OMG @TradeViper! It’s soooo good to see you! :blush: I feel like it’s been such a long time. :open_mouth: I hope you’re doing great, and bagging lots of pips! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luuuck! :blush: I see you’ve graduated the school here so I think you’re on the right track. :blush: Have you started demo trading?

Really rooting for you to achieve all of your goals for this year Kash! :blush:

Hey P, when you say portfolio do you mean greater diversity, greater size or both?

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Greater diversity, good diversity give higher return in the same drawdown and shorter stagnation

Hey PP, for a total package, there are folks who have the following.
running n the background.

SP 500 long, 4k a year cost averaging

For trading
QQQ Using futures as a precursor
EUR/JPY Main profit generator

I don’t really trade a bunch of different pairs because if you look at an overall chart, the derivatives move in harmony with each other more or less. The EUR/JPY is where the pros hang, so I find it to be understandable.

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