Which broker did you have the best and worst experience with?

Which broker did you have the best and worst experience with?

The best broker experience I have is IC markets, as I can deposit and withdraw by using my Thai baht account, instead of using my UK account, which takes a longer time.

As for the worst, all. The ones I use always drag out the withdrawal time.


I should stop saying this as I’ve already mentioned in another thread but I guess it’s a broker thread.

The worst would be LQDfx - an offshore bucket shop I’ve had an account with for over a year.

They are the most aggressive price manipulator I’ve come across to date. Their algos can do some serious damage.

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I have traded with several brokers, and from my experience, Pepperstone is the worst broker I have come across because spreads are widening and the customer service is not reliable in solving any queries.

Now I use FP Markets and have been trading with it for a couple of years without any issues. So far, their spreads have been stable, starting at 0.2 pips, and the customer service is also quick in answering and solving my queries.

Thank you for response!

Thank you mate!

Thnak you bro!

I think the best would be Moga. There are different account types you can choose and you have an exclusive account manager so that you can chat with her/him directly.

The worst, needless to say, it’s really bad when facing slippage…:slight_smile:

I started with ICM and traded with it for a year until I found the spreads to be unstable and the customer service hard to reach.

I moved to FP Markets later on, and the spreads are some of the tightest, averaging from 0.1–0.2 pis for most parts of the trade. Even customer service is quick to respond. It’s been over a year now, and so far no issues have occurred.

My best experience has been with go markets. I signed up a couple of years ago and still use them regularly with no problems. I’ve never really had any ‘worst’ experience with other brokers but just felt these guys offered a stronger service (low spreads, fast support etc)