Which broker is the best for beginners?

Hello everyone!

Could you guys share your personal experiences?
I am considering to use forex.com but I have read many comments that it is not reliable (quite strange as it also exists for more than 15 years.
Might this the competition?

I prefer a platform which you can check on their website so not a MT4 or MT5 for me as a beginner.

Anyone experiences with Fxpro,Xtb or forex.com? These are the three I am considering now.

Many thanks!


Well, you will have to find that on the basis of your understanding. As we all are different types of traders, we have different trading requirements and that means there will be different brokers who will satisfy our needs. That means you will have to be clear about your trading requirements so that you can make your decisions.

I think when you start in the markets it starts from the library rather than the broker. If you understood the strategy and backtested it then you can start with the brokers. I think at this stage you have figured out which are the parameters most important to you and which to look for in the broker. I think demo trading would be beneficial for you because then you can test out many brokers. Also you can try out with micro lots. I think no one is a beginner in the markets because novice people cannot survive in this place. When I started trading I was with Fidelity and switched to Fxview because of their pure ECN accounts and quick withdrawals. Everyone loves money and it is good to see your profit pay off :).

Hello @Pedro89,

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When looking for a new broker, the first thing you can look for is reliability and sustainability which you will find with regulated brokers. They operate within strict regulatory guidelines with strong oversight from the NFA and CFTC in the US. Although FOREX.com takes pride in having been around since 2001, we are always looking to make improvements to provide the easiest and most efficient trading experiences. The only way to know for sure though is to experience it through a risk-free demo account. Demo accounts with FOREX.com operate almost exactly like a standard live account.