Which brokers do you use?

its a complicated issue to answer , i have seen sometimes regulated broker also cheat with their clients. so blindly it is difficult to believe at any broker.

its a simple issue , in order to me, but sometimes we make it complicated.

Gain capital - FOREX,com - really? I havn’t traded with them in ages! Whats their EURUSD avg spread?

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Hey! I was with Forex com once, and I would say their spreads are nothing like they claim. Their trading fees went up lately and spreads were terrible some days (even saw till 7-8 pips). I won’t recommend them. But if you ask me, I can say coinexx is good and reliable. I’ve been trading with them from sometime now and their spreads and conditions are good and consistent. Plus the support team actually helps you unlike forex com.

@jessoprules but aren’t they related to JAFX?

Are they? First I have heard of it…where are you seeing that please?
(although I had no issues with JAFX anyway when I was with them)

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@jessoprules Read it on the CFTC thread, specifically these replies

and its concerning…

Hi @Johnno2626,

Unfortunately, the comments above by MasonPorter about FOREX.com are not accurate. Our typical EUR/USD spread is 1.3 pips, but don’t take our word for it. You are welcome to try a free demo account with us which will let you see our live spreads.

We are also the winner of the Best Customer Service Award, according to the Investment Trends 2017 US FX Report. If you have any questions about trading with us, you can contact our award winning support team by phone or online chat anytime 24 hours a day during the trading week.

Excuse my ignorance on this but could they not use the same provider? I am not sure how brokers work.
With bookmakers, many use the same odds provider.

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Hi. I’m also a beginner. Decided to try with Myfintec. Trading already for 2 months and everything is going well. The first withdrawal didn’t work very good. But now I have already 2 successful withdrawals. I believe I will get even better results.

Hi, I’m trading with Myfintec. Receiving medium but stable income every week. Good brokers, Helpful staff.

I’ve been using OANDA for several years now and have not had a problem. They are US based and for the average trader I believe does a very good job. Instant execution as far as entering or exiting a trade at the time you make the request. They have very good spreads and their online chat is great. Very quick with communications.

I use the Forex club. It so happened that I trade in it for several years. Broker does not deliver problems, I trust him as long as I have business with him.

Trading with MyFintec. Satisfied and Happy. Appreciated everything what agent did for me. We opened cool trades, which at the end gave me good results and profits.

An FCA broker. Nothing more, nothing less. Check forexchurch for spread and swap and simply pick one. Or even better 4 - 8 and divide your funds.

Ask for 1:10 leverage after you opened the account.
95% (those that lose in the long run) will think I am crazy now. Maybe you belong to the 5% like me.

They don’t seem to be popular on here but I use Hugosway and have had no issues.

man there is so many new brokers i guess. thats crazy lol. but i trade with two broker lmfx and hotforex nothing major, a couple of times a week and thats it.

Hi there, I live in Boston , MA, USA. just wanted to know if you are still using turnkey forex broker to trade forex ? if so, have you done any withdrawl of funds in USDs ? I’m looking for a little bit reliable broker. I don’t mind little bit stop hunting…just don’t want to be robbed or scammed. somebody on the forum was saying Turnkey has already gone bankrupt/dissolved or something, which I think is incorrect. right ? any idea ? thank you very much, Ray

I have an account with Forexchief; they are an offshore broker that is regulated slightly. I deposit and withdraw via bitcoins so that I don’t have to deal with tax issues over here. Also, there aren’t much brokers from my country anyway. This is good broker and I am impressed by their conditions.

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LOL! Are you actually proud of your 1.3 pip spread?