Why does anyone in their right mind do this?

I trade because I have money saved though need a bit more than I have to just. travel and do things I want I cud nt give a @@@@ about charts finance people traders they are bores

Gold ,Dax scalpers haven when volatile but this site run by purest

yeah you have a solidd point there with that i agree. lol i enjoy but at same time its boring

Yes true ,though what’s interesting I think the results really are a reflection of your personal psychology,


why is that interesting? that is typcal and expected

Lol. Most of the people here might nog be profitable, hence they go broke. However I started a poll about who is profitable and got more than I expected. Which strategy helped you to become profitable?

Trading 4 days a week with 1k - 2k with 1% risk management = 80 - 160 USD per week.
This is not 8 hours working btw. ‘‘Only trade when the market shows you their hand.’’.
You can risk more, but that depends on your own risk management appetite.

If more capital is needed, I advice to get prop funded. You get 10k+ accounts.


According to statistics that regulated brokers have to provide, about 75% of their client lose money from trading. But we can also say that 25% of them actually do make a profit. And that statistic is apparently not very different from the success rate in many other, more normal, types of self-employed businesses.

It is also very relevant that it is so easy to set up a trading business and costs virtually nothing. Just a smartphone and/or a laptop is enough to open an account with a broker and fund it with a small capital sum. Running costs are virtually nothing and you don’t need to buy any products upfront to then on-sell at a profit. And there are no minimal educational requirements or training regulations that prevent anyone from starting, apart from some national legal restrictions in some countries.

So it is not surprising that a lot of people are drawn to it as a form of income and independence.

Maybe $5 for a month’s work does not sound much but it is more than most people can earn from their banks if they keep their capital in a deposit account. Also, I would imagine most people who are happy with $5 are seeing it as a momentary step in the right direction, leading to greater things, rather than a permanent income level.

There is no “end” in trading. Why should there be? It is just a business that offers a huge range of variations in how one can function and a vast range of products that one can be interested in and trade, and potentially earn a decent income or build a savings sum for other things or retirement, etc. The goals are as endless as the opportunities.

In theory there really is no upper limit on earnings, but the risk factor can become rather dangerous with very large accounts, where unexpectedly large moves can be disastrous.

But it is simplifying the issue too much to just assume that successful traders just earn more and more from their trading ad infinitum. They key issue is at what stage a consistent trader starts to diversify into other things. Many successful traders start to expand and diversify their income stream by, for example, running Youtubes, copy trading, fund trading, starting educational services, writing blogs/books, etc, syphoning off fund regularly into other investments such as crypto, stock funds, property, classic cars, other people’s start-up ventures, and so on.

One never knows when one’s ability or interest will wane or when the regulators will restrict trading opportunities, and so it is sensible (and common) to use forex/commodity/index trading as a funding source for other things rather than the usual “I wanna be a billionaire next year”.

One additional thought for you:
Trading is not just about the money. It opens your mind and opportunities to study all kinds of other fascinating topics whether it is political, geographical, economic, cultural, technological, IT or art and many others. Even participating in a forum can introduce you to a lot of other ways of seeing things and meeting other folks with similar interests and sharing experiences, etc, and all on an international level that is rarely possible in any other way.

At the risk of being even more boring, I will add one more thought here. When you look at anyone’s situation, whether in trading or in life in general, you are not seeing a photograph, you are seeing a single frame in an on-going video. It is only once we stop trading or stop living that the question of was it worth it really applies.

And while we are still trading, and living, then there are hopes, ambitions, dreams. Being human means striving to achieve these even if the road is heavy and faced with many obstacles. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…

Just some thoughts from my back garden in the world. :slight_smile:


I feel seen lol. Although tbf I definitely don’t work/trade for a month. :joy:


Dont get me wrong but im smelling a lot of luck is this results. :thinking:

Yeah, you’re probably right. 118 straight wins and zero losses with a return of over 41% in less than two months has to be luck. I think 12 more on my demo.
Even when we actually see the evidence before us we seek to cast doubt. Amazing. Not even a token gesture of …“Good job”, smh.
This is in all likelihood my last post here on babypips so look at more of my lucky results and enjoy.
The balances dont reflect what went on last month when I started.


Hey, good for you. You are one of the few.

Trading is hard and can be frustrating. Plus, the internet is full of people trying to sell you snake oil, so you have to expect a lot of skepticism.

Until you find that edge…then suddenly it’s easy.

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Get a real job and save up more than 1000 bucks and if you can consistently make 5 bucks a month you can make 5000, 50,000, etc it’s all in psychology, lot sizes and leverage.

Also don’t recommend trading 8 hours a day your mindset is wrong… I trade 1-2 hours a day 3-4 days a week depending on market situations and make 6 figs+ a month that’s why ya trade forex tell me a day job I can work 6-8 hours a week and make 100k+ a month?


This sounds like a great life.

Maybe you should set out what sort of trading you do - no need to post chapter and verse on your strategies, just an outline of how you do what you do.

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The amount you make once you know how to trade can’t be estimated. Just be patience and discipline. Also you need not trade 24/7. Some spend less than 30mins on chart daily


I make minimum 10% of my investment. It doesn’t matter which day of the week. I know where to enter and not being greedy to hold for days. My trades set to close when my target is met. All the best to all of you.

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That’s pretty neat. And your session on the 26th is approximately 5 hours from the looks of it. And you don’t trade everyday either. Why not just put up a journal on BP documenting it?

I think you get a lot of questions and doubts your way because your POV clashes with the more general consensus. That’s all really. Don’t think anyone is necessarily gunning for you. You’ve appear to have found a winning formula that suits your trading style & personality that doesn’t necessarily fit with everyone else. Good for you!

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This sounds like it works like a dream and you should say more about it.

For a start, what price chart information do you use in order to understand where to enter (and exit)?

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Typically I analyze the market and mark ip my pairs and poi’s every Sunday than I set an alert at my poi’s nnd when they’re hit I’ll re analyzing what is happening with current price action and decide whether to take a trade or not.

I’ll risk anywhere between 1-5% depending on my confluence, condense in the play and my rr; usually I’ll aim for at least a 1:3 risk to reward ratio but I also tend to leave a small runner even after the trade plays out which sometimes end up being a lot more and when my day trades turn into swings these runners help me cover my minimal losses as I typically will use pretty tight stops 10-20 pips for typically 60-80+ a big tip is be really realistic with your trades don’t expect to open a a trade at the start of Asian session and expect to be 500 pips in profit by New York session in the same day with a 5 pip stop loss… don’t try and trade every single pair every single day only take the best/most probably setups according to your strategy and also worry about compounding your account and protecting your capital. Hitting a break even 5 times in a row might be frustrating at times but it’s better than losing 10 pips each time and being down 50 pips within a day or two in the red; greed kills traders .


I can speak for only myself, but I trade because I enjoy it most of all and feel it’s my natural calling.
It keeps me sharp, and I’m always learning, not only about fx trading, but moreso about myself.