Willing to share the secrets

Hi again,

I am not sure your tone has much to contribute to newcomers here. I note you joined 4 days ago and have spent the grand total of 1 hour reading. I have visited for 279 days and have spent a total of 8 days reading on this forum. I find your words “play hero” condescending. You don’t know me, nor do I care if you wish to.

I am here to advance my own knowledge and spend a considerable amount of effort posting topics that I think should be of interest to new members, but always ask if others have different views / methods or approaches.

Do you mean like the journals people maintain for their own, and others’ use?


If you truly wish to help members of this forum (because it is a large audience) then please spend another few hours familiarising yourself with both content and layout of this forum, and let members have one single source of truth.

If you create a post of such value to members I will be the first one to follow, comment and support it.


Regarding the word secret

Its hard to see without believing that there is something to be found. You dont know how much insight you can get from any one pattern or tool, you think you understand something, yet it continues to crystalize as the days pass, revealing the fog in your belief or conception of that tool.

You think you know what something does or is, you think you understand its significance but the right things always offer more than you thought so stay humble and curious about what other undiscovered secrets and insights they hold, demand every resource operate at its full capacity.

What are the most consistently accurate pattern exploits, and how are you sequencing them for cohesive service under one control system

“Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others”.

Thing is that in the market there are no such unknowns - it hides no secrets - a person may well think they know something yet unknown but it’s a fallacy.

There are no cliques huddled in a corner mummering the play up ahead - no hidden mic picking up their plans - no secrets to share or sell - just a market in that we all have to learn every single day that we participate.

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New traders need to know that the accurate information they seek is not widely available. There are secrets that will require extraordinary time and energy to uncover. Also, unless someone is willing to mentor you and share their systems with you I would not listen to them. They tell you watch out, be afraid, dont trust anyone trying to teach you, ok so then what, give up? Its silly fear based crap, get scammed who cares, learn from it and move on. Or tip toe around on this forum for the rest of your life getting nowhere. The reward is so great that Im going to test every single thing i can get my hands on no matter the source. How badly do you want this. If its eh so so then move on, this aint for you.

To those of you attempting to discredit me, i challenge you to attempt exposing me. Pose as a student and expose my fraud once and for all. You guys talk a big game but lack in articulating trading processes and services. I see now why professional traders stay away from these forums, you guys need to grow up. You cant always have it your way, if you failed it means you did something wrong and need to adjust, dont linger around spreading fear ruining it for everyone else.

Surely the whole point of a forum like this is to stop people like the OP touting for business here??


we can always do better, you are no exception

It’s very good of you to offer to mentor members. I look forward to seeing the thread that starts it all off with some useful content that attracts the interest of members. We are with you - all of us. Show us the way.
Lead us into the light.


Love it. Made my morning.

Hear hear!

I can share some high level stuff publicly. Please share your thoughts on the following statements.

  • A good system ends every single day with at least 50% profit, and a perfect week hits 24k%

  • If you can only swing trade, it means you are still developing. The ability to daytrade is trading.

  • mean reversion / trend continuation

I can’t argue with the first sentence. Tell us more.

This time next month Rodney, we’ll be millionaires

Day Start End
1 $1,000 $1,500
2 $1,500 $2,250
3 $2,250 $3,375
4 $3,375 $5,063
5 $5,063 $7,594
6 $7,594 $11,391
7 $11,391 $17,086
8 $17,086 $25,629
9 $25,629 $38,443
10 $38,443 $57,665
11 $57,665 $86,498
12 $86,498 $129,746
13 $129,746 $194,620
14 $194,620 $291,929
15 $291,929 $437,894
16 $437,894 $656,841
17 $656,841 $985,261
18 $985,261 $1,477,892
19 $1,477,892 $2,216,838
20 $2,216,838 $3,325,257
21 $3,325,257 $4,987,885
22 $4,987,885 $7,481,828
23 $7,481,828 $11,222,741
24 $11,222,741 $16,834,112
25 $16,834,112 $25,251,168
26 $25,251,168 $37,876,752
27 $37,876,752 $56,815,129
28 $56,815,129 $85,222,693
29 $85,222,693 $127,834,039
30 $127,834,039 $191,751,059

I was interesting until…

This sounds better than hedge fund performance. Why do you need us beginners if you’re making 50% EVERY SINGLE DAY?

What am I missing?


I posted those figures on purpose to see the reaction. I love how everyone thinks they know what is and isnt possible. You want to learn and at the same time you think you can spot when something becomes unrealistic. If you were that good you would have designed a working system by now.

Hedge funds dont contend with the question of direction their issue is how to make more. That is why their profit percentages dont match the smaller higher leveraged accounts. The beezneez no one made you judge of what sounds genuine and plausible, you too are human, you too need to humble yourself and expand your perspective. To become a trader we must conquer our internals.

Your reactions to these growth figures tells me that you guys have a long way to go. What kind of daytrading would be required for a 24,000% week?

Thats 240x by the way

The problem you guys have is someone who actually knows is trying to tell you and you refuse to accept it. There is a chance im a fraud but there is also a guarantee that you dont know what you’re talking about.

As a developing trader fear itself should be your primary fear.

I think that’s the standard process you’re after.

But anyway, how much time is committed?.

I’ve already asked you to start teaching us.

JFDI - how much prevarication time do you need?. Get it out before it chokes you to death. On here, not on some distracted telegram account. :face_vomiting:

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A violet by a mossy stone
Half hidden from the eye!
Fair as a star, when only one
is shining in the sky

The above is from a Wordsworth poem 1798.

The poet is making the point that the beauty of the subject is enhanced by it being ‘half hidden’ thus we use our imagination to see it’s full beauty.

Beginners - marketeers to this day use that same concept - they will hint slowly about what is on offer and will employ the concept of fomo (fear of missing out) when they figure their audience doubts.

Another common method is to introduce the notion of stupidity, “no-one could be so stupid as to not hear what I am saying” is very usual.

The riches theme is likewise often employed - cars, houses, get rich quick - a good marketeer will never ,mention hard long hours of work and study to attain success - the marketeer’s way cuts all that out which in their terminology is for fools.

Are the OP’s numbers possible? - anything is possible but the market is a game of the probable - so is it probable?


And there it is, finally the childish responses of failed traders turned forum trolls. Maturity is a requirement to become a trader. I see why you have yet to make it. Your behavior is exposing your bitterness in the face of failure.

Anyway other people may read this, realize who the bratty idiots are and make up their own minds.

Samewise, on your own it will take you forever to reverse engineer what works. I suggest hunting down a mentor, no matter the risk.

If you decide to explore my offer it would be a 2hour meeting weekly, one on one training sessions with me. It takes at least 6 months to boost conviction to the proper levels.

Im very selective. The entire time im determing whether you are a good fit for the team. These guys think im scamming but i only really need a total of 6 traders, 2man teams, 3 shifts per day.

Ultimately its 15hour work weeks and 2 to 5 hour weekend meetings, you are looking at 17 to 20hour weeks.