With a 10k account. Isit possible to make a daily 3% returns? What's the best strategy to use? Which pair of currencies to concentrate on?

With a 10k account. Isit possible to make a daily 3% returns? What’s the best leverage should I commit? 1:20 or 1:40? What’s the best strategy to use? Which pairs of currencies to concentrate?(Currently I’m on USD/JPY)

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Yeah it’s possible with $10k to average out to $300 a day profit. I average $100 a day once an account reaches around $5k.


How long have you been averaging 100$ a day?

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You can’t make a strategy return a higher percentage profit by simply adding more money into the account.


I see this question too often, so let’s get real

the market trades 260 days a year and at 3% a day starting with 10K and compounding your profits you would double your money in just 25 days

In 79 days you would have 100K
after 157 days you crossed the million-dollar mark
at 235 days you accumulated 10 million
You would then invite us all to the biggest New Years eve party with your 21 million dollars


Thank you for advicing.

6 years later you’d be able to buy Belgium.


Concentrate on one currency pair at a time… 1:40 enables a bit more room to breath… It is possible to get 3% returns per day, but its extremely difficult to maintain… That like 100% per month… Nobody does that… !!! I have been journalling my trades… Hope you find something of benefit in there… I wish you well… :slight_smile: Identifying a trade set up


only Belgium! I just ran year 2 and I am up to 46 Billion


Even Bitcoin is only growing at less then one half of one percent per day

All kidding a side, don’t set return targets until you have demonstrated you can make those returns, if you can achieve 3% a month you will be better than 99% of traders on this site

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I really wish the question and this particular answer could be pinned and prominently displayed somewhere so everyone who visits this site sees it once they log on, lol.


You realize that you aren’t going to be able to do this every day right?

That’s why it is an average.

How much do you make per week trading?

You don’t seem to realize that you can’t do it every day. It is an average.

Real life traders have loses and bad days/weeks.

Do you even make $100 a week trading?

It is a terrible answer.

He is saying hypothetical perfect 100% trading conditions are going to happen.

He has no clue how real trading works.

I have weeks where I average 90% win rates.

Nobody is perfect.

Nobody goes all in on their accounts every trade.

I trade usually blocks of $250-500.

…and 99% of al traders, institutional pros included. To be honest 3% profit a day is living in fantasy land, and even 3% per month pro traders would bite off your hand to attain that.

Get realistic.


“With a 10k account. Isit possible to make a daily 3% returns?”

That was the straight question asked and to which dennis responded, essentially saying no, it is highly unlikely. Are you saying that the answer should have been yes or are you just disagreeing for the hell of it? No one posited that people or conditions were perfect, you are putting up straw men so as to be able to knock them down. Dennis’ answer was spot on.


Just want to ask have you ever compounded a account daily with 2 to 3% returns. I do this everyday. WHY? I blew $10 GRAND last year so now I have learned my lesson. I went on to demo for 6 months , went thru babypips, learned what kind of trader I am… took the QUIZ… took the other quiz to find out what kind pairs to trade that best fits my personality Learned things like S&R, trading within the Zones.I get on Zoom once a week with a friend and we are the total opposites when it comes to trading.

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Better question to ask:

  • How Long have you been trading?

  • What the total amount have you lost in forex?

  • How Many Accounts have you blown?

  • Successful? Withdraw Proof—My Mentor shows his weekly/Bi-Weekly

  • How long did it take before successful= Forex Lifestyle

  • My Point is :

  • Be Patient

  • take your time

  • it going to take 3 to 5 years

  • In Theory: $ 100 compounded daily = over Million in 2 to 5 years

  • FACT $10,000 divided by $100 =100

You will be 100 times ahead if you want to compound. Your going to have many many many blown accounts. Once you know what you are doing then you can compound a little quicker. I started with $300 beginning of year and I am little over $800 now.


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Thank you for all the advice. I jus wanna check cos I jus got to know a friend that told me about this forex. N he told me to put 10k in to an account that he will help me to trade [quote=“jjgoh74, post:1, topic:534692, full:true”]
With a 10k account. Isit possible to make a daily 3% returns? What’s the best leverage should I commit? 1:20 or 1:40? What’s the best strategy to use? Which pairs of currencies to concentrate?(Currently I’m on USD/JPY)
Thank you all for the advice. As I was approach by a friend that told me trading in FX can make money. So he suggested me to open a 10k account to trade on USD/JPY. He even told me that the account will only be traded most for 180 trading days. The catch is each trading day he will trade up to max of 3% returns n by 180days, whatever profits will be split 3.5/6.5. For me, I’m new to this, which is why I came in n ask. Anyway thanks guys for the feedback.

Can your friend show you any proof he can do what he claims he can do?

I understand its an average and is therefore not a 3% daily return every day, but over a longer period. Its also worth pointing out that an average can be skewed by a very small number of extreme results, which makes it look like the trading is working much better than it really is, for example a single day on which the account is doubled, meaning a 100% profit for that day, will make all the previous month’s average daily results look pretty good.

The simple fact is that no trader can sustain a 3% daily average profit over a long period.

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