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OK, I will bite. When are Ya’ll going to update your mobile trading platform, the charts are not big enough and the tools are very limited. At least the one I recently downloaded.

The Ever Inquisitive VIPER

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Thanks for posting our first question @TradeViper :slight_smile:

We’ll follow up with our mobile app development team to get you the most accurate response, but first, please tell us your version number and whether you are on Android or iPhone.

2.5.13 Android

The Ever Watchful VIPER

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Thanks @TradeViper

Our mobile app team is looking to release an update for Android within the next couple of months. While we can’t confirm the exact list of features that will be included in this update at this time, we can relay your feedback regarding the charts and tools on the app. Are there any particular tools you would like to see added? You mentioned the charts aren’t big enough. Have you already tried viewing them in landscape mode?

Hey dude, the landscape looks good, but I think it would be nice to see it in portrait, where you could drag the chart to expand it over the markets overview, then drag it back down to continue to see the market overview. Also, more colors for levels and trend lines.

The Ever Taking The Long View VIPER

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Thanks for this detailed feedback @TradeViper

We shared it with our mobile app team. Please stay tuned here for updates on when the next version is available for Android.

I’m going to give the demo a try and see what I like and don’t like

The Ever Trying VIPER (at least that’s what Mrs VIPER says)

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Ok, so we figured out the order entry system, imho, a bit unwieldy, but functional. Next, on the mobile platform it would be nice to have entry, TP, and stop lines on the chart, they did not show up for me.

The Ever Figuring VIPER

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Oh yeah. And how about an account balance window on the chart, also live pip readout that let’s a trader know if they are up or down

The Ever Accounting VIPER

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Oh and how about this, in landscape mode, you swipe down and you get you blotter with active trades, then you can tap one and either close it or adjust tp/stop. Also if you swipe up, you get the latest news.

By the way how can I monetize these Brilliant Missives.

The Ever Brilliant

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And one more thing, while I am at it. I was experimenting with setting a bracket for this mornings news. I had it set on my live platform but, either I don’t know the your mobile platform well enough or well anyway. Here is what I mean, EUR/USD Set Long at 1.1900, STOP LOSS 33 pips, TP 47.5 pips. Then SHORT at 1.1862, STOP LOSS 19.5 pips, TP 30 pips. For the life of me I just could not find out how to do it. I think later on I will try it on the desktop platform and see if I can get that part of it, Oh yes, by the way I am green this morning.

The Ever Green VIPER

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@TradeViper thanks for providing even more feedback we will share with our mobile app developers!

In regards to your question about setting up a bracket for news trading, you can create two separate “If Then OCO” orders – one to buy at 1.1900 and one to sell at 1.1862.

Below is an example of how to place the “If Then OCO” order to buy at 1.1900 with associated stop loss and take profit orders.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Excellent Smithers, Excellent. Now if we could just get rid of that Horrible White background in the charts :wink:

The Ever Crotalus Horridus VIPER

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We’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:

Oh and here is another bugaboo, I put a horizontal line on a 1hr chart, then change to 15 min, the line moves away from the placement on the 1 Hr. No really it does.

The Ever Fine Tooth Comb VIPER

Thanks for reporting this issue @TradeViper

I’ve passed your comments along.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Bitcoin is one of the year’s most talked-about markets, starting 2017 priced under $1,000 and steadily rising to break several record highs, hitting $19,783.06 on Sunday, December 17th. The cryptocurrency’s high volatility has traders looking for potential short-term opportunities and you can now take advantage of them at

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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