Is there anyone who has been vaccinated here?

The reason for not administering AstraZeneca to older people is lack of data, actually. They did not test it on enough 65+ people to know what the efficacy for them is at all, there is no definitive information on whether the efficacy for them is good enough because there is no information at all.
I have two elderly family members and we’re trying to figure out what to do now. :frowning:

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It is incorrect to suggest a ‘risk to the elderly’ or that efficacy is not high enough in that age group.

The lack of data as mentioned by mlawson is the reason these countries are not offering AZ vaccine - instead in some of those countries they will be offered pfizer for which there is data.

There is no specific ‘risk’ in offering AZ other than the risk of it being less effective - I have elderly relatives who have taken the AZ - their outlook is it’s better than taking a risk with nothing.

Those in doubt maybe check the efficacy rate for the annual flu jab - it’s much lower.

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I had the Oxford AZ jab a few weeks ago now - and I’m far more relaxed about it than if I’d been “stuck” with one of teh RNA types vaccines.

It is notabe that those “EU” members who are claiming “not enough testing” after suddenly realising that they had been criminally mis-served by their EU Masters in the procurement race - those same ones who tried to steal the AZ jabs from teh manufacturers and closed the Irish border in a fit of pique - without actually even telling the IRISH or the UK !

Within a day of being shown up they came up with this “it’s not proven for the over 65s” propaganda !

As far as I am aware the AZ jab is produced in a more traditional way than the RNA computer generated ones which have to be kept at -75 C etc.

Bret Weinstein (Evolutionary Biologist) has done an ongoing investigation of the Chinese Bat Flu, It’s origins and teh various vaccines and treatments since the start of teh issue - and I find mostly his investigation convincing. HIS “dARKHORSE pODCAST” shows on U-Tub mostly around now on a sunday night (UK)

[OK just to show me a liar - it was last night !
Bret and Heather 68th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Drunk Without Power - or - Is That a Fact? - YouTube ]

Aye it’s sad that even vaccines become politicized (not digging at you just reflecting how politicians create a narrative that suits them)

Bottom line is that a vaccine regardless of it’s country of manufacture is a defence against a virus that cares zilch for borders or politics.

It’s good to see that Israel is now leading the way - right now hearing the most recent real world data - 96% effect in reducing transmission.

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@mlawson71, @peterma, extremely unusual, don’t you think, that a Vaccine developed for a Virus that has the highest mortality rate on those above the age of 65…

Has not been tested sufficiently on those above the age of 65??

Next, I’ll be reading that these Pharmaceutical companies are distributing a drug that is 67% effective improving the quality of life for those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease…Only it hasn’t been tested on long term smokers or those suffering from chronic Emphysema or COPD…

Once again, I’m not an Anti Vaxxer… Just COVID Vaccine Hesitant… These Vaccines appear to have a “Deity Status” linked, a cure all remedy, an elixir for all that is COVID affected in the world.

My point exactly, tens of thousands where succumbing to the common Flu each year (until COVID took over), even with continually evolving vaccines and continually mutating strains of Influenza…

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A very interesting interview with a Euro Vaccinology Expert who has been working with Governments across the Globe on understanding SARS-Viruses… including COVID19.

He’s warning that the Vaccine’s are pressuring the Current Virus into mutating into a “survival of the fittest” strain… Watch from 51:08 1:05.00 for his 30 years of knowledge and study on why the mutations are occurring, and why MASS vaccinations are helping the Virus to perfect it’s evolution into a super contagion…

For those that will attempt to brush this information of as just another talking headHis Linkedin Page

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What’s the thinking on the occurrence of mutations in low-vaccination rate countries like South Africa and Brazil? Variants already exist, before widespread vaccination has had a chance to take place. Could that mean a bigger issue further down the road?

Brazil is extremely worrying.

More virus, more variants of virus.

For forever… like the flu. Come to think about it, it’s surprising something this vast and awful hasn’t hit more recently than it did.

I think several factors are at work -
covid is extremely infectious
the world’s population is at record levels
international travel has reached record volumes and speed.

Epidemics are common but the ease of transmission of covid has made it a pandemic.

Hopefully between vaccines and new medicines this virus will become just another annoyance to suffer through in the future, rather than a public health and economic crisis.

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Yes, according to a Brazilian specialist last evening we need to to be alert - “what happens in Brazil does not stay in Brazil” he commented.

Now 12 countries have paused the rollout of the AstraZeneca Vaccine, including Ireland due to blood clotting concerns…

Even Australian authorities are stalling on the rollout here and are well behind targets set in January and February… And they are still in the initial phase of the rollout to frontline and a small percentage of at risk recipients… oh dear!

Who could have seen this eventuation? Not many in this forum…

Edit: 1600 post Vaccination deaths recorded in the US so far, the (mRNA) Vaccine variants are a Gene Therapy Product… not a Vaccine… Not proven, not approved by any long term studies. Most of these Vaccines have only been given “emergency approval”…

Double Edit: Australia (Queensland) has just had another Hotel Quarantine worker test positive for COVID, after they’d been vaccinated… How well is this going to work if even the vaccinated are roaming around, still spreading this contagion…

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As I said prior I’m Oxford A/Z immunised for a good few weeks now and I said to my own kids - "If I was your age I wouldn’t take it " - But I’m not and have several other “risk factors” - as well as being 70 in a few months. We do not hear of severe side effects here in the UK where we are now approaching 40 percent and pretty much ALL “Over 65s” have been injected already. - SO now "it certainly HAS been tested on over 65s"

You mention “smoking” - I know the context was different - but it is a little publicised fact that Smokers seem to be distinctly UNDER - Represented in the “deaths” - It seems that the smoking partially blocks some of the “receptors” that the virus uses to enter the lung cells - at least that was what Weinstein conjectured some months ago !

Well I was about to stop smoking - Now I’m not ! and I take daily high doses of Vit D.

Another interesting Fact from UK is that the Chinese Bat Flu has completely eliminated Flu here in the uk - Not a single “Flu death” (And that is official! )

As with the “over-65s” this “Clotting” scare originated within countries who are criticising the hell out of the EU and their pathetic incompetence in providing vaccines !

Odd tho that they should be spreading these scares yet at the same time stealing the deliveries destined for Australia and the like !

I thought Italy had hijacked your deliveries ? - Got another source thenn I suppose.

Yes that is why I particularly Wanted the oxford A/Z one - it is developed more closely to the traditional way and therefore does not need to be kept and transported under the same onerous conditions.

Injecting stuff to deliberately “GM” my body - sounds pretty much like “Faith” stuff to me ! - even if Bill Gates does say it’s fine ! :wink:

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Hey @Falstaff, hope all is well.

Australia is not having the massive spread and mortality rates of the EU and the US, so we have time to think about what we do next… And I am definitely not against anyone taking the Vaccine, especially if they feel they are in a compromised position health wise.

So many appear to be afraid of those who are true Anti-Vaxxers or COVID Vaccine Hesitant like myself.
If they feel so safe after being vaccinated then they shouldn’t be worried about those of us who will delay being vaccinated or refuse it altogether… It’s almost a “I’m diving into this rock pool, YOU have to follow me” mentality being applied.

Similar story here in Oz… Flu has all but evaporated due to lockdowns, masks, distancing and sanitising. Especially with our elderly, yet there is now a huge push to get everyone vaccinated against the Flu…

I believe they think that pushing a known vaccine trough the populas will help them follow through with the COVID rollout when it becomes available to the masses…

This whole Global Vaccine Rollout is built on confidence, Governments cannot afford one step backwards in this area or there will be chaos… Australia has had many doses knocked back by the EU. But we have a small population (~26mil), so the Australian Government will not pause the vaccination rollout for fear of backlash and loss of confidence… hence it is at a crawl…

When the shipments were “hijacked”, there was a bit an uproar here from the selfish “Vaccination Disciples”… A display of humility at it’s finest… Once again… We are effectively having 1 or 2 cases nationally a day… normality compared to nations like Italy. We have enough supply to cover front line workers and most of the elderly… For the time being, the Italians need it more than we do!

Traders that I speak to on a regular basis in Europe (Austria, Czech Republic etc) are telling me that first uptake Nurses and Doctors are getting sick, some fatally after being vaccinated, not sure which vaccine as it is being kept as quite as possible…


Edit: Australia has now also paused the AstraZeneca Vaccine rollout due to health concerns coming out of Europe… it’s now a bit hard for the true believers to continue their “completely safe” mantra now that 14 countries National Heath Systems have stopped rollout of this particular vaccine…

Once again… Who would have guessed a developed to a schedule vaccine would have serious issues???

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You are trying mate - Quadpip would be proud of you.

I just give up on the scamdemic and all its associated madness !

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they are being fooled” Mark Twain


Mate - I put up a few short vids - here - Note there are several more in the next few posts - But the “opters-out” today "France, Germany, Spain, Italy (yes teh same Italy who nicked YOUR supply)

There are dozens more I can put up to track the total panic of the useless Beaurocrats - they are just trying to avoid n=being lynchecd by their own voters !

They’ve given up on the “Over 65s” so now it’s the "Blood Clots " - Just trying to Con their own people that the EU is wonderful - when it is clearly a S* Show !

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Ok just watched you r “Stillman” vid - (Didn’t see any signs of a still btw !

DSC_0949 resize

His take on “Big Paharma” is basically correct

Have you seen the “AUstralian Documantary” on FAT and Cholesterol ?

His take on "Declining fertility is naive at best !

The reality is that it is a combination of Epigenetics and disasterously falling Testosterone !

(Which also explains why our “boys” behave in such a useless way against all the “Leftist Carp” we are continuously dumped on with !

The overall picture is best summarised in the book ;

My copy is ten years old and it seems some of tehold stuff has been ejected in the new version - I’d recommend buying BOTH if you can !

Hey @Falstaff, a few Asian countries have paused rollout as well, I believe Thailand is the main one.

I here what you are saying, I’m not over the politics of Europe like some of you in these forums.

I don’t put anything past Governments or Big Pharma at the moment, there is Billions upon Billions to be made out of this situation and the winners will be able to continue on the gravy train for many years to come with booster doses, yearly vaccinations… it’s endless… and all with no liability if they get it wrong along the way…