London's Funding Journey

Hey Guys,

I have spent most of this year attending various hospital appointments so I haven’t had a lot of time to post here or elsewhere on social media but I’ve still been trading of course.

As some of you will know, I have another thread chronicling the small account challenge that I tried earlier in the year. I did well, eventually cashing out double my initial deposit, but I didn’t manage to achieve my ultimate objective and flip the account to anything substantial.

I am not deterred. I’ll be starting my second small account challenge in January which I plan to also document in my small account challenge thread as well as on myfxbook and YouTube. I’ll be posting more about that over on London’s Small Account Challenge within the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

During my first small account challenge and the early prop firm challenges I was embarking on, I was using multiple strategies across multiple pairs and sessions. It all got a bit confusing at times, confusion that was ultimately affecting my profitability. I knew I had to come up with a better approach.

Then a couple of months ago, I was in hospital being sedated with nitrous oxide, feeling really happy and high, as you do with lungs full of laughing gas, when something suddenly occurred to me - flipping accounts and passing funded challenges are essentially the same thing. Sure, you might be doing a $100K challenge but you are typically limited to a ten percent drawdown with a ten percent percent profit target. In other words, you are effectively trying to flip the account.

So, I spent several months developing and refining a new strategy that could work for both types of challenge albeit with different approaches to risk management perhaps. It was time well spent as you will soon see here and over in my other thread when I start my new small account challenge in January 2024.

I started backtesting and was shocked by the success of my newly refined strategy. It was immediately obvious to me that, if the statistics held up, not only would they help me achieve my small account challenge, they could also help me pass pretty much any prop firm challenge and eventually bring real wealth even.

I worked on refining and developing the strategy as much as I could then wrote an exhaustive eight page trading plan that covered everything from my actual trading strategy and approach to risk management to my long-term objectives and golden rules.

Anyways, sure enough, yesterday I finally passed my first funding challenge. It was the $60K High Stakes challenge with The 5ers. I am now officially a funded trader! I will be using the profit generated on this first account to fund further challenges and reach my goal of $1,000,000 in funding within the next twelve months. More to the point, I’m going to document the whole journey right here in this thread and answer any questions you might have to help you with your own challenges.

I’m not doing this to show off or impress anyone. I am terminally ill, I have no time for such vanities. Instead, I just want to inspire people and show what is really possible when you set your mind to something. If I can help a few people along the way, all the better.

So, until next time . . .

Stay positive, stay focused and keep at it!!!

Funding Target = $1,000,000
Current Funding = $60,000

$940,000 to go!


very good to hear from you again, Dan - and to see your news (was not, realistically, expecting better medical news, of course)

you sound in not-terrible spirits, in the circumstances(?)

well done with the initial funding, very best wishes for the rest, and of course looking forward to seeing more :grin:

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Hi @flamingoproxy

As always, thanks for the response. I think I have finally come to terms with my situation and that’s ironically been quite liberating.

I was well pleased to pass the funding challenge. I’m reasonably confident that I can make a regular four or five percent a month, so looking forward to spending that revenue on more challenges.

I’m currently working on a small $5K challenge with SFT but as soon as I get the first payout from this $60K account, I plan to start a $200K FTMO challenge.

I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:


My congratulations,Dan,and may you prosper for the hard work you’ve put in to succeed as a funded trader. The flip side is my second to none wishes for your liberation continuity for ever and a day despite being in and out of hospital.

Best regards.


please do - many of us are watching with interest and good wishes

i hear you and follow the logic absolutely

my own son-in-law is an FTMO-funded trader and doing really well, and i have nothing against them at all, but i would still, respectfully, strongly recommend a company like TradeDay instead, for many, many reasons including transparency, security, legal/regulatory, and others

Great to hear from you Dan, and this is an amazing achievement.

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Thanks Pauley

14th November 2023

13:55 London


Caught a nice move there on that sick GU candle . . .

I identified it as a potential move earlier this morning but it didn’t meet my A+ setup criteria. Hence, I only took the trade on my SFT $5K Skilled Challenge.

I’m a bit gutted that I didn’t take it in some of my other accounts but, as you can see from the certificate below, it finally smashed my Phase 1 profit target on the SFT challenge, which to be fair has been dragging on a bit.

Now, 6% on phase 2 and that will be another $5K of funding towards the target!!!


very well done - good to see! :sunglasses:

(my information on this subject is gradually getting to be out of date - i had not heard of SFT at all! :blush: )

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Hi @flamingoproxy


One of the co-owners is Riz from the Words of Rizdom podcast. Nonetheless, they have been in operation for less than twelve months so it’s probably wise to be cautious especially with everything going on in the prop industry at the moment.

I’m only doing one of their smaller challenges. I’ll fund a bigger one with the eventual payouts from this small account. Basically, I need to make about 10-12% once I’m funded with them for enough to be able to finance one of their $100K skilled challenges. From there it’s all gravy :slight_smile:


Dan, I was hoping that things were not too bad for you health wise when I can across you other thread. But sorry to hear that is not the case. Wishing you the best and will be watching out for any further updates on your progress on both counts. Best regards

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