Socialist Equality Utopia - Take a look - First the Destination from a Resident who was a committed Socialist

First Take a look at the Result shortly before it collapsed ;

Then a Testimony from someone who has done a good job of Analysing and evidencing the progress in his own Coutry ;

Next is how we are destined all get there - from a defected KGB intelligence Agent Forecasting how we are destined to go there in USA (This was his forecast in 1983 )

I particularly like this one as I really want to see the faces of the SJW / Identity Politicians when their usefulness is over and most of all the ‘Climate Scientists’ Are shipped to Alaska to work in the coal mines and the Univesity Ideologues are simply Exterminated because - well YOU learn exactly why !

A longer and more revealing vid from the same guy (Make a note f his 2 names as U tub is constantly removing his stuff in this vid he shows Exactly th eprocesses and results of each stage. After this interview the Communists despaired of the common man as revolutionaries and turned tehir attention to “Social / Racial / Sexual Rights” movements - he mentions some f tehse and how it just Doesn’t matter which specific groups are propagandised, the process is the same.

So now we have nothing more to do but sit back and watch the whole Globalist, Labour Party, Democrat, EU or whatever your local Poison is rush us all in their superb direction.

  • Popcorn anyone ?

It failed hard and no one wants that system now.

I thought I’d pop this up here rather than “political opinion” so anyone can come back to it for reference later and still find it.

Bret and Heather are both left of centre and beieve people are basically good and largely Social Conditioning divides the “ID Groups” - so they went to teach at an inspirational New College in Washington State called “Evergreen College” - And apparently their own courses were very successful and well attended.

Then stuff started to go wierd on them -

Part 1 - the setup - Equity Council

Part 2 - Teaching to Transgress

Part 3 - The hunted individual - Breakdown of civilised society.

Although I say on “political Opinion” - that this has never been resolved - in a way it has because parents and students - have seen the truth and the College is dying for want of students !

Everything we see on our streets just at the moment is a replica of what happened here - right down to “Hands down - by your side” to the principal (Equivalent “take the knee” )

ANd “We students must be given passes for our degrees because we are too busy rioting to go to class!” - Demanded at Evergreen and capitulated to instantly AND Recently Capitulated to by Washington State !

The three year aniversary of these events was a coupleof weeks ago and they do a “Darkhorse podcast” going into more detail to mark the anniversary.

Now if I can see the replication, it is hard to believe that President Trump and Prime minister Boris with their banks of advisors have Not studied it in detail and formulated action plans based on the game being played out here.

It is interesting to watch the frustration and anger buildiing within the populations of our countries whilst the two of them sit there reminding us that they Do have authority and WIll use it in teh last resort.

ie just feeding out more and more “Rope” for the leftist neo Marxists to hang themselves with ! SO it fits well in this thread.

@Clint and @Dennis3450 - As tthinking men I draw your attention to this - just in case you might be interested. (Apologies to the many others I know of - who I have not called individually)



Anyhow watch it or don’t - it’s up to you.

Hi @Falstaff

Yes I will watch these videos. I have been shock by the lack of condemnation by the conservatives in both the USA and the UK. However the noisy minority are certainly destroying any prospects of the election of their progressive parties.

The demanding of defunding police is completely at odds with the normal rational thinking of the majority of society. As is the destruction and the re-writing of history again is irrational thinking by the noisy few and those again who think more logically realise that this will do absolutely nothing in addressing the wrongs that took place in the past. Most good honest people have more important things to think about than worrying about what took place in another time and in another place.

Hopefully common sense will win the day.



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Hey @Falstaff

Just watched all three videos and that is scary stuff. You can see how what happened at Evergreen happened on a much larger scale with the protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

I can see that this will lead to a civil war between those who are black and those who wish they were black against white people.



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The truth of the radical left is evident in the creation and manifestation of this evil organisation ANTIFA.



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Socialism is often seen as a moderate version of communism. In the UK, Labour is often seen as the moderate face of socialism.

In reality all socialism depends on state-enforced sequestration of other people’s legally acquired capital and assets. Socialism cannot co-exist as a means of state government with capitalism or even democracy. Socialist states are compelled to become single-party states. These are the weaknesses in this childish philosophy which have repeatedly allowed it to be captured by dictators, parties and juntas. And it will always happen.


"From Each according to ability - to each according to need."

Exactly the same contract Parents have with their children - and as the children mature mature - they contribute more (in theory) UNTIL they become independent and leave home to start their own lives and families.

Now lets take a look at what happens if “Mummy State” - INSISTS on enforcing that “contract”

Now IF you enforce that contract on the general population what is the need of “Family” ?

And - Anyone with a modicum of Intelligence - is bound by Evolution and rational thought to object

  • Why the Fck should I work my Blls off to have everything I make taken away and given to these sciving Bms ?

There are already significant signs that Intelligent Men are steadily and increasingly moving to this position - in the ever more unfair (to them) Western World ! (but more of that later perhaps)

  • AND - IF I do Bgger all then “They” have to support me in my "Need"

  • Now - if I had “Children” to support and No "Husband" - then my need would be great - the more children - the greater the need ! :yum:

Purely Logical and Rational decision - How then can such a "System possibly “Work” ?

That is “Gaming the system” AND Every system will ALWAYS be "Gamed"

In the death throes of Rome “Bread and Circusses” were provided (Free) to those who had no other form of income.

The first video in this thread shows that USSR collapsed when the equivalent Bread and Vodka (Well actually the ‘Vodka Ration’ (Equivalent of “circusses” - but more in line perhaps with Huxley’s “Soma” drug))

We in the west now have “Welfare and I-phones” perhaps ? -

The thing is that in order to “do Good” - HUGE and ever increasing Beaurocracies are “essential”

  • BUT the question we must address in order to understand is “who exactly is paying for all this “Free stuff” ?”
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I decided to keep adding to this thread as and when “New stuff” pops up which may help us to work out what is going on and how it works, to enable us to at least defend ourselves by understanding.

And more to the point - so that we can come back and find these posts and links - without having to plough through innumerable other threads.

Here is an amazing study whaich has been out a couple of years and which contains information which may just explain to us why exactly the Lefties are so Paranoid about “Russia” - just now. The first 20 minutes should be enough to give you a flavour and explain what I am alluding to ! However it is a lecture which just keeps on giving - and is well worth listening to several times.

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