Solidecn review; spreads and trading conditions

Understanding the Mwali International Services Authority in the Forex Landscape

The Mwali International Services Authority, a regulatory body within the Union of the Comoros, specifically on the island of Mwali (Mohéli).

Established under the IBC Regulation Act 2014, this authority is tasked with the regulation and supervision of International Business Companies (IBCs) in Mwali. These IBCs are often set up for international business and financial services, including Forex trading. The Mwali International Services Authority’s role is crucial in ensuring legal compliance and operational legitimacy of these entities.

To conclude our discussion on regulatory matters, we invite our readers to explore further details on our website. There, you’ll find comprehensive information and resources to deepen your understanding. We value your curiosity and are committed to providing you with extensive insights on these topics.

That’s about legal compliance of your incorporation and legitimacy of your company registration.

If any of your forex customers complains about you, to the “Mwali International Services Authority” they are told, flat out, that the Mwali International Services Authority is not a regulator of day-to-day forex trading and it’s not within their power to help.

You’re not fooling anyone, here.

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sorry to take issue with you, but he probably IS fooling some people here

absolutely no disrespect to Babypips or its members, but many are complete beginners and a little naïve and don’t even begin to understand the importance and relevance of using a properly regulated broker rather than one “regulated” by a scammy outfit on an obscure Caribbean or Pacific island they’ve barely heard of, which is only a fake “regulator” usually paid for by the scammy counterparty “brokers” it pretends to “regulate” and will never, under any circumstances, rule in a customer’s favor

sickening but true :nauseated_face:

Just wondering - have you checked trustpilot re wikifx?


I could care less and don’t trust Trustpilot anyway.

What I care about is that SolidECN is claiming to be regulated but the people it says are regulating it are saying that they’re not a day-to-day regulator of forex trading and that they’re unable to represent or protect the interests of customers of a broker who bought a license from them.

That’s not “regulation.”

One thing I’ve learned in this industry - actually not unlike many industries, trust absolutely nobody when it comes to YOUR money.

That includes the supposed regulators that most retail trust.

Btw - trustpilot - many businesses who do a good job encourage customers to submit a review on that site - those that don’t do such a good job mostly have generic replies to reviews - as the conspiracy theorists always say - do your own research :slight_smile:


my research about that site showed me that it’s very easy for good reviews to be incentivized and for bad ones to be removed

Hmmm… my experience of that site is the opposite - I’ve negatively reviewed some majors (when they deserved it) with no probs.

thanks for support. I put wrong address but u somehow detected it, thanks.

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Is lthe everage for major US indices also 100:1 or another ? thx

Response to Your Inquiry Regarding Leverage at Solid ECN

Thank you for your inquiry addressed to Solid ECN.

We hereby confirm that the leverage offered by Solid ECN is uniformly applied to all our esteemed clients and traders who are registered with our platform. This policy ensures consistency and fairness in the trading opportunities provided to our valued clientele.

Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

@SOLIDECN - would you respond to Pipsteroid’s observation above, too, please? people both here and in other forums seem increasingly concerned that much of what you post online is actually untrue, don’t they?

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Acknowledgment of Your Inquiry


I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing to inform you that your recent inquiry has been thoroughly addressed in the preceding posts.

We sincerely appreciate your active participation in our discussion. Your contribution not only enriches the topic but also enhances its visibility, encouraging more valuable input from the esteemed forum members.

Thank you for your engagement and support.