Which book good for price action

Which book is good for price action?

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Best introduction …

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Al Brooks has a bunch of books about it, they can be helpful.


@S_Jane_M and @charlotte_daily thanks. Will be checking them both out. Al Brooks seems to have a lot of content on YouTube, so I’ll go there first. :+1:t5:

Hey,you are intraday trader or swing trader

You read his book?

These are not “two different groups.” :wink:

“Swing traders” are not really a counterpart to “daytraders”.

There is “intraday swing-trading” also.

This is very, very widely misunderstood (especially at Babypips, where - sadly - a lot of misinformation is habitually posted in the forum, some of it by bots pasting in AI-generated text).

The key point to understand is that swing trading has no connection to timeframes at all.

So, the distinction between swing trading and daytrading also doesn’t intrinsically relate to timeframes: if you take a look at something like Alan Farley’s standard textbook on swing trading (“The Master Swing Trader”), he actually clears up this widespread misperception on page 1.

Other established authors also do pretty much the same.

Contrasting “swing trading” with “daytrading” is just a category error, based on a misunderstanding…

Many of the most successful swing traders I know, and know of, myself, happen to be intraday swing traders, and that’s also true of a lot of successful traders in general, including hedge fund traders as well as retail traders.

For myself, I trade from relatively fast-moving volume charts. I said a little bit more here.

(If you’re looking at Al Brooks, look at his videos and online stuff by all means, but if you’re looking at his books, avoid the first one, which is terribly difficult almost to the point of being unreadable. He wrote three more after that one, all of which are much better and easier to read, and he acknowledges this himself!).

I have not in fact, I took a bunch of private online courses which helped, but most of it is on yourself and those can only help you to some extent.

These are some similar topics. You can find more with the search function. :wink:

There are tons of books out there by all sorts of authors, each pushing different trading strategies. You don’t need to read them all, just the ones that match your style. I’ve gone through a bunch of price action trading, and I really recommend AL Brooks’ series:

  1. Trading Price Action Trends
  2. Trading Price Action Reversals
  3. Trading Price Action Trading Ranges

It’s packed with real-life examples and solid insights.